Sorting Characters into Hogwarts (The Main Character Edition)

Hiya friends! How’s it going? How’s it going?

So today I’ve decided to do something on-trend (at least, in my Pinterest circle) and sort main characters from books into Hogwarts houses! Whoo! *insert applause*

I’m sure that ALL OF YOU have noticed this, but in the tags section of each of my reviews (for books from the past six or so months) I’ve tagged it with my opinion of each (main) character’s Hogwarts house. Now, it is very time consuming to dig through and read all of the tags, I know. (Though I’m sure that all of you would do it, for me) So thus I’ve compiled this list!

As I’ve said, this is just main characters and almost all of the opinions are my own (which obvs means that they are right). But! Maybe in the future I’ll do one with secondary characters or villains or love interests or something??? Ideas????

Aaaanyways, let’s begin!


LJ Covey: Okay, I know. She’s the obvious choice. But still! The thing that I love about LJ, though, is that she is a fierce Hufflepuff, not quite fitting the stereotype. Yes, she is completely dreamy and in her head and all that, but she is still strong, which I think perfectly describes a Hufflepuff.

Beck: Another obvious choice, I think. Beck is the adorable main character from A Thousand Perfect Notes, and like LJ, he contains a strong streak within him. Otherwise, he just wants peace around him and is utterly loyal to his baby sis, Joey.

Samwise Gamgee: Yes, from Lord of the Rings. Listen, I’m totally sure that he is! I mean, he frikkin’ carried Frodo up a mountain. (Was that in the book, too, or just the movie? I only watched the movie, oops) He is adorable and will forever be my favorite role of Sean Astin.


Tella: This girl is insane. She, like, puts up this mask that she is kinda ditzy and completely reckless (which she is, a lil bit), but inside is plotting everybody’s murder. Her mind is fascinating to be inside and she is the cleverest of all the girls (and boys). She’s also a hopeless romantic, though shh, she doesn’t know it yet.

Victor Vale: Obviously he’s on here. Not just due to the circumstances of his powers (which makes him psychopathic) which would automatically make people sort him to Slytherin (*shakes head* stereotyping), but glimpsing him before the change. Victor is extremely ambitious and will use any means necessary to achieve his goals.

Elizabeth Lavenza: Now here’s one for ambition. The girl has literally shaped her personality around one person to give her a leg up in society. She will protect herself – and her new life – at all cost. Including murder, dun dun duh.


Alyssa Gardner: Ah ha ha. If she isn’t a total. Gryffindor. She is the DEFINITION of Gryffindor. Still I love her. 🤣 Alyssa has the headstrong bravery that is associated with being in this house, but she is also quite loyal (which is totally a Gryffindor trait, as well).

Harry Potter: It feels as if I’m cheating by using this one?? lol. Still. Harry defines the house, imo. (And we know for sure that this is where he belongs, lol). Reads the books and you will see every. single. trait. in Harry.

Rachel Watts: I’m actually not entirely sold on her house? She’s from the Every series, and I could actually see her in Ravenclaw. But! I think that Gryffindor is her home. As with Alyssa and Harry, Rachel is headstrong and adventurous and loyal. Love her. ❤


Eli Ever: So, aha ha, Eli is actually cannoically a Slytherin?? The author (VE Schwab) has confirmed this … but I feel that he is more of a Ravenclaw at heart. As the series progresses, I can see the Slytherin come out in him … but still. I think that he belongs in the library with Chang and Jess.

Holland: Another Schwab character. Holland isn’t in it all that much (I think that he’s in it more in the third and final book??), but after consulting my Big Sis on one final Ravenclaw, she gave me him. And you know what? I can totally see it.

Annabeth Chase: Finally, we have Annabeth. If Alyssa defines Gryffindors, then Annabeth does Ravenclaw. (As a daughter of Athena, should we expect anything else?) She is smart and creative and witty and all of those good qualities of the house (along with some of the … less then desirable ones, lmao).

And there you go, my peeps! Do you agree with me? Have any more to tack on to my lists? Any Harry Potter fans out there? (also, ignore me as I silently lament over HAVING NOT SEEN THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD) Lettuce chat!

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  1. Oh how I adore Sam Gamgee. I grew up watching LotR and he was always my fave (Pippin a close second) ❤ I definitely agree that he’s as Hufflepuff as it gets!

    (You should definitely do one of these posts on villains at some point…)

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