Seven Random Factoids About Moi

Hi guys! So. I was just thinking about doing a post with a ton of random factoids about myself (because coming up with post ideas is hard, lol) when I stumbled upon Norrie’s 7 Random Facts post. I wasn’t “officially” tagged … but I stole it. Deal with it, buddy.

That is what I’m doing for you today! 7 Random Factoids about myself! (Thanks Norrie for letting me steal it … even if you didn’t know til know, lmao)

The Seven Facts

The last song that I cried at was It’s Quiet Uptown. I have numerous sad playlists and I never really cry at them … but for some reason, this song really hit me hard. Like, hard.

The current and last house that I’ve lived at, I’ve had peacock-owning neighbors. And it’s not even that peacocks are all that common around here … I’ve just been, well, lucky? Admitingly, it’s fun to have them walk across your front yard or to hear them on a summer night.

I really don’t like watching tv shows or movies. I JUST DON’T HAVE THE PATIENCE, OKAY. (and yet I still waste so much time watching them, lol) However, I am currently almost done rewatching Parks and Rec and I just started Vikings.

I only started watching Star Wars to impress boys. Mainly because this was in the age of cooties and the girls thought that boys were disgusting and I – the rebellious child that I was – wanted to go and be friends with every. single. dude. Thus, watching Star Wars seemed my best opportunity. Turns out that I loved the movies. 🙃

I accidentally met Sam Jaeger. For those of you uneducated children, he was my (second) favorite character on the TV show Parenthood. Basically, I was visiting an injured acquaintance with someone and turns out that she was related to him and he made a surprise visit. I was geeking out quite a lot. 😛

I have this sleep problem called Sleeping Paralysis. Basically every month or so (especially when sleeping in a new place and/or stressed) I wake up and my body won’t move. And for someone who’s biggest fear is paralysis, this isn’t especially pleasant.

I’m currently rocking bangs. As every smol child, I pulled off the bangs. By age seven, they were long gone. Last summer, I watched Parks and Rec and fell in love with April and her bangs (along with Clara’s from Doctor Who) and asked around if people thought I should get them. Only one of my friends said yes (none of my family). Of course I got them. Turns out I look fabulous. I also look super adorable with my bangs, skinny jeans, and winged eyeliner. 👌

I hope that you all enjoyed this random post! As always, it was written about elevenish and not much coherent thought-processing is going on. Lol. ANYWAYS. What’s a random fact about yourself???

6 thoughts on “Seven Random Factoids About Moi

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  1. Ohh I totally understand you crying at It’s Quiet Uptown! So sad. I also was close to tears at Stay Alive (reprise) for obvious reasons… 😥

    I get what you mean about not really liking watching films/shows. I still watch them A LOT but I don’t like to because it feels like a waste of time, especially if it’s a super long but trashy film/show. If ya know what I mean 😉

    My aunt gets sleep paralysis too and apparently it’s terrifying 😦 I’ve never had it so I wouldn’t know, but I hope it’s not too scary for you!

    Liked by 1 person


      YES. That’s EXACTLY it!!!! It just … feels so lazy? But, like, reading a book doesn’t, lol.

      Wow! I’ve never really met someone who’s had it before! My dad did a few times in high school … but yeah. It’s just something that I’ve learned to deal with *shrugs*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooo, peacocks are cool! Aren’t they super loud tho?
    I have a neighbour who has a cat that sounds like a donkey. He was yelling in front of my door this morning. The cat. Not the owner… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, luckily they’re a few houses down, so it isn’t that bad. And when it’s pretty cold out (like it is now) you really can’t even hear them.

      Lol. That is … interesting? Cats are quite evil and annoying (that’s why I love them 😈😉)

      Liked by 1 person

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