Exiles (Jaye L Knight)

Hey guys! I hope that everyone’s January (and 2019, sheesh!) is going well! And for all of you youngins in school/college, that it is going well! Ahahahahahahahahidgkshlzhdt liwhtofwiuehgoieurhgofijhlgkrlgh;q

Aaaaaaaanyways, I’m doing great! (Ignore the last paragraph) I’m writing – obviously – a review for y’all today. That review is Exiles by Jaye L Knight, book four in the Ilyon Chronicles.

These books are, like, the best Christian fantasy books that I’ve read, and that’s saying something because usually I HAAAAATE the genre. But no! They’re good. 🙃

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(My reviews for book 0.5, book 1, book 2, book 3)

Exiles (Ilyon Chronicles #4)
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Ah. Guys. THIS BOOK.

There are plenty of moments for our loyal glitter rabid fangirls. Yes, that is always the major like. Love. Obsession. Whatever.

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I love all the characters!! We have, like, six+ narrators throughout the whole book …. and yet, it isn’t overwhelming AT ALL, which I love! You get a ton of different narrations and perspectives and aspects (aren’t those basically all the same words???) and it is glorious!

In this book, Jaye let’s us explore more of Ilyon, giving us some different cultures (which is awesome!) and lots of different plot twists, some of which even I didn’t see coming (in this book, at least).

And just ack!!!


Unfortunately, I felt like a lot of the characters didn’t have a lot of chance to develop, and a lot of previously beloved characters were kinda left in the mud (some literally). But overall, I still love the characters!

Anne and Trask were adorable and squishy and everything!!! Just like in the book prior, Anne had plenty of “screen” time and was basically awesome. There are all plenty of Tranne (hey … I’m still working on the ship name!) moments to appease the fans!

And Jace is as insecurely adorable and huggable as ever. He has plenty of relatable moments and growth and everything. As I’ve read numerous times in interviews, Jace is Miss Jaye’s favorite, and it shows. Not like favoratisim or anything, but more as he will be in every book and has plenty of … interesting/painful-for-the-readers-moments (both good and bad).

Kyrin, unfortunately, didn’t get as much time as she has had in previous books, which, sadly, in my opinion didn’t give her as much chance for character development, which didn’t make her as relatable to me. But she was still totally awesome!!

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And really, who cares about the other characters?? Kidding, kidding. There’s Tyra. Adorable. ❤

Umm, the other “main” characters in this book also include our mighty Prince Daniel, which was pretty cool to see. Honestly, I think that he got all the development. We also get a lot of … well … those are basically all the consistent narrators.


Jaye’s writing is as lovely as ever! There were a few typos or whatever, but not enough to be a major complaint.

The plot went pretty well, as does all of the other Ilyon books. Everything moved at a pretty good pace: slow when necessary, and fast when called for.

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Eh. As I said before, there wasn’t a lot of character development, and a few typos. A little slower, for my taste. Other than that, not a whole bunch. EXCEPT I NEED MORE FREAKING JACE/KYRIN MOMENTS. GAH. MY FANGIRL SOUL WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED.

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Ahem. I think that something temporarily overtook my computer. Moving on.


This was a very satisfying book, as is what I’ve come to expect from Jaye, even though. that. ending. *glares at Jaye*

All kidding aside (if that is indeed what it is), I highly recommend this to any Christian fantasy lovers out there, or any who are wanting to get into that genre more.

For romance scenes, there are some brief kissing (but hey! It’s adorable. <3), and that’s basically it. No language. There’s is some fighting/violence, executions, gladiator/arena fighting and the like, but nothing too graphic at all.

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Lovely book. Highly recommend.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Hey, y’all! So. Let’s chat. What’s a genre that’s hard for you to get into? Which Narnia movie is your favorite? DO YOU LOVE READING BATTLESCENES? THESE ARE ALL VERY IMPORTANT TOPICS THAT WE MUST DISCUSS.

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  1. Yeah, I too find Christian fantasies a bit… eh. Apart from, of course, Narnia (loving the GIFs btw) and Time Captives. But I’d love to read another good Christian fantasy series because they’re pretty hard to come by, so definitely gonna check this series out!

    Lil Peter thoughhh ❤

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