Contemporary Recs from a Non-Contemporary Reader

Hey guys! How’s everyone doing? Is the new year treating you good? At the current moment, I’m beginning to binge-watch the newest Unfortunate Events season and to continue binge-watching Parks & Rec. (Yes, lot’s of binge-watching 😉 )

Okay, confession time! I’m not a contemporary reader. Yes, I’ll read five or so a year (yes, I know, I’m completely cray-cray), but it’s very hard for me to find ones that I like. But typically? When I like one, I am absolutely in love.

I’d like to give you all a disclosure. Not really, but that sounds more dramatic, haha. I’m cutting out all of the magical realism/sci-fi-ish contemporaries in favor of the more … traditional ones.

A Thousand Perfect Notes

For Those who Want to Cry Their Eyes Out

I just … I am still a complete wreck over this book. I am completely in awe of Ms Drews and her writing and I just … yea, nope.

There was just this something about the book that drew me in and kidnapped my heart and refused to give it back. The writing is funny and light and chock-full of oneliners that melt ones’ heart. All of that while delivering a powerful message.

Not to mention that the characters are to die for.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Ultimate Foodie, Sweet (pun intended) Book

This is, like, the ultimate romance/contemporary read. EVER. To be fair, I haven’t really read many others, but that’s all a moot point. I think. BUT REALLY.

Lara Jean is the most relateable, most Hufflepuff narrator that I have ever read. The book is funny and light (as all good contemporaries should be, imo) and focuses not only on the romance, but also has a huge emphasis on family, which I am so here for.

Every part of the book, I adore. The characters are real and dimensional, the storyline – if a little cheesy – is perfection, there is heart behind the book.

I highly recommend.


A “Not Real” Contemporary

Okay. I’m sorry. I lied. This is a total magical realism/sci-fi/supernatural book. BUT. I had to have one, okay? Okay.

Eleanor, if slightly odd, is a fabulous book. It holds an air of mystery and nostalgia and bittersweet life choices. (< C’mon, how good was that?!) We are left wondering and (for me) it was torcherous, but very meaningful. Mega thought-provoking.

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

If You Want Something Real Heavy

So … this book. Do I recommend it? The book is horrifying and … discomforting, but totally necessary and I feel like it needs more rep.

It deals with a suicidal main character and all the strings that are attached to that. Reading it, every thing felt so real and horrifying. Leonard’s thought processing was relatable to the masses and I feel like the author really doesn’t hold back.

I read this in one sitting, and was completely stunned after reading it. It is thought-provoking and important to understand. But, if you’re not in a good head space, then I would definitely say don’t read it.

Here Lies Daniel Tate

What … just happened?

I feel like I don’t talk about this book enough. Here Lies Daniel Tate is an absolute work of art.

Daniel is a sociopath who steals the life of a missing boy and struggles to stay undiscovered and I just loved that. And while he has his … issues, I liked seeing him struggle to do the right thing, or, well, a thing.

But this book is so … good. It’s twisty, if a little predictable. I loved it, though. I loved Daniel. (Hated the girl. Look, I can’t even remember her name.)

So. Are any of you contemporary fans? Have any recs for me? Let’s chat about your favorites and SMACK ME WITH ALL THE BOOKS.

4 thoughts on “Contemporary Recs from a Non-Contemporary Reader

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  1. Still recovering from reading ATPN. I literally can’t hold in my excitement for TBWSH!! Why is its release still so far off? I need it nowww.

    I think I remember you reviewing Here Lies Daniel Tate and I was like ooh I need to read this, but I never did… I’ll try get round to it soon though!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, Parks & Recs… love it ❤ 🙂
    As a fellow non-contemporary reader I totes agree on Thousand Perfect Notes. It was so good! I do love character driven stories, so it worked for me.
    I'm planning to read All the Boys I Ever Loved as well. Sounds pretty cute.

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