Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations … Where I Have Not Read the Book

So … lol. This is awkward.

I have committed a bookworm taboo. I *gasp* watched the movies before the books. No, no, no. I have watched the movies and haven’t read the books. Yea, oops. This list – My fav Book to Movie Adaptations – is based purely on how much I enjoyed the movie/show … not on the actual, well, adaptation of it.

But hey! What’s life if we aren’t living a little on the edge?

A little while ago (*ahem* two years ago, about), I wrote a “first installment” of sorts to this post. My fav book-to-movie adaptions … that I, well, have read. Check it out, please! I wrote it at one in the morning in a panic so, haha, that’s interesting.

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Jurassic Park

Yea, yea. This book was featured on my other list. SO WHAT.

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Honestly, though, I feel that a lot of peeps aren’t even aware that this was originally a book, so perhaps I’m not entirely in the wrong?

Anyways. Love the movies. The first and fifth have to be my favorites, but they’re alll sooo goood! I really want to read the book because apparently they’re more sciencey (I think) and would love to get into more of the world. 🙂

Bridge to Terebithia

Haha, I literally just watched this last night. I was babysitting three of my younger siblings, they wouldn’t decided on a movie, so Big Sis that I am got to pick (none of them have watched it before).

I was actually curious as to whether I would cry or not. I hadn’t watched it in quite a few years, but knew that I cried every time. Yeeeea, I did. (It all started when my teeny lil sis started bawling into my shoulder, and I lost it from there.)

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This movie is straight-up my childhood! I use to play in the woods that surrounded our house because of it. We also had the movie, along with Firehouse Dog, on a dvd and Jess and I would always do a double-feature because they both had Josh Hutcherson. (Yeah, I”m the original fan. He was my fav actor before Hunger Games was even written.)

Aaaanyways, I want to read the book because, like, yes. I’m also curious to see how the movie was adapted from the book. I still have plenty of time to read it, though!! 😉 😉

Your Lie in April

I think that it is no secret that I adore this show. Easily one of my favorites. It inspired me to play piano, I laughed so hard that I cried, I cried so hard that I cried… It’s just good, okay?

Image result for your lie in april gif

This show was adapted from a manga by the same name, and I am desperate to read it. Just because I was exposed to it first, I think that I’ll still like the anime better, but I really want to read the mangas! Just to be back with my beautiful babes again. ❤

Harry Potter 6, 7, 7.5

Ahaha ha ha. Yeah. I’ve only read five Harry Potter books. *ducks from flying bricks* I KNOW. But I’m getting there! It’s just … all of my family had read the books and were already watching the movies and I wanted to fit in and, well, um, yeah.harry potter GIF

I’m getting through the series, though, and loving it! I’ll admit, I really struggle with Harry as a narrator, but I still love the books.

And in case you’re curious – which I know that you are – thus far my favorite book is 5 and my favorite movie is 4 (which, coincidentally, was my least favorite book).

Carrie Pilby

This was actually something new to me. Story time!

Susan Johnson direction To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (which I loved, btw), so of course I followed her on Instagram. She recently was visiting the premier or something of Carrie Pilby – a movie that she also directed – in Asia somewhere (sorry, guys, I’m awful at geographics). I wanted to watch the movie; it looked very interesting. But I honestly thought that it was a foregin film that just came out?

It wasn’t until I watched the movie The Little Mermaid with William Moseley that I notcied. During stalking him, I discovered that he was in Carrie Pilby – a movie that came out in 2016. (Basically, it had just been released in a different country a few months ago.) I found the movie on Netflix. Watched it. Watched it again. Cried.

Image result for carrie pilby gif

But! I discovered that it was based off of the book Carrie Pilby by Carren Lissner, long story short. Do I want to read the book? Noooot really. Why? Because, see, I adored the movie and I feel that the book … will … almost … ruin the movie for me? *gulps* But yeah.

So what did you all think of my overly-long explanations? Are there some books on this list that I ABSOLUTELY MUST read? What are some bookish taboos that you’ve committed? Spill all your dirty little bookish secrets down below. I won’t tell … I promise. 😉

11 thoughts on “Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations … Where I Have Not Read the Book

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  1. You should definitely read Bridge to Terabithia! It is a children’s book and really doesn’t differ much from the film (it’s just as heartbreaking), but still worth a read! Also yes, so much love for Josh Hutcherson ❤

    I don’t even know if I want to read the Your Lie in April manga because I know it’ll just wreck me inside… but do tell me what you think if you read it!

    Ah yes I watched Harry Potter before reading it but, like you, it couldn’t be helped because they’re just films you watch with your family and they don’t think to stop and ask if you’ve read the books already, ya know? 😉

    I love William Moseley (obviously, whose childhood self doesn’t?) but I didn’t love The Little Mermaid… I’ve never heard of this Carrie Pilby film though! Imma check it out.


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    1. Okay, yes. I’ve heard that about the book and I feel like I definitely should read it. It is totally a children’s classic (that I somehow didn’t read, lol).

      ugh. Family just doesn’t get it? I had read one book and they were like “yup, we hear ya … we don’t want to wait.” 😈

      William Moseley is everyone’s childhood, haha. I agree. The Little Mermaid wasn’t stellar, I just loved William in it. Carrie Pilby is fantastic! I don’t know what it was about it … I just adored it. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I KNOW. He’s fabulous. ❤ (tho I must admit that I liked Skandar Keynes more?? Haha)

          YAS! I hope that you like it! It's just super sweet (a little predictable) and I actually liked Carrie (the, obviously, main character) which rarely happens, haha. 😛

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  2. Ok I did NOT know that Jurassic Park was a book! Although stands to reason, because most movies started as books hehe. (Books are just …where all the imagination comes from clearly. :’) And I definitely adored the Bridge to Terebitha movie as a kid and also saw it before I read the book. 🙊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I know, right? I only knew that it was a book because my friend owned both of them (yeah – there are two) and was obsessed. Bridge to Terebithia is great, okay? My brother read the book and said that it is basically the same as the movie … so maybe we are both okay? 🙄


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