The Most Beautiful Debuts

Hey guys and gals! I hope that everything is doing well! I’m fantastic! Only two days left of school this year and I’m feeling great. 😎

So. Today’s list-y post is all about my fav debuts. I know, I know I said “Most Beautiful,” but whatever. It’s my post, I can change the rules, lol. But I do hope that you enjoy and go and read these books and give the authors some love!!!!

(While writing this at midnight last night, I was listening to All I Want by Kodaline on repeat, and I HIGHLY rec the song, plus the music videos!!! I swear that I cried during part 2!!! All Kodaline music videos are good, tho.)

Caraval ~ Stephanie Garber


Caraval is a magical carnival with pretty dresses and handsome boys. NOTHING makes sense, but at the end it all ties together (while giving smol hints throughout) and it is witty and the writing is SO BEAUTIFUL, OH MY GOOOOOSH. Just yes.

And, like, this is Ms Garber’s debut??? I don’t understand???

Basically go and read it. I’ll wait.

Stalking Jack the Ripper ~ Kerri Maniscalco

Another one with gorgeous writing!!! (Seriously, it’s, like, #goals )

SJtR is gothic and beautiful and HISTORICAL FICTION. Audrey Rose (our narrator) is so relatable and the love interest – Thomas – is soooo swoony-worthy. It’s a Jack the Ripper retelling (obviously), BUT IS ALSO a loose Sherlock retelling so, um, yes???

A Thousand Perfect Notes ~ C.G. Drews

I’ve read Paperfury’s (Ms Drew’s) blog for quuuuite some time (a lotta years, methinks), so of course I know that she can write wittily. I’ve known that she LUUUURVES to write. So OF COURSE when she announced her book I was ECSTATIC. Boy was it good.

ATPN is heart-wrenching and funny and written so beautiful. The book flies by (which is sad … I would have loved to stay in it for forever) and it sooooo good! I know that Ms Drews has written numerous (unpublished) books before ATPN, but I was still impressed.

Rebel of the Sands ~ Alwyn Hamilton

I just cannot describe the perfectness of this book. So, it doesn’t have the “beautiful” tone to it that all of the previously mentioned debuts on this list have, but is rather sharp, witty, and, well, gritty. Kinda like a grown-up Percy Jackson. In the desert.

Why on the list??? BECAUSE IT IS SO GOOD. I love Amani because she is TOOOOOTALLY different from all YA female narrators that I have read and it is so sassy and there is magic and I honestly didn’t think that I’d like it? Because I don’t like Westerns?? BUT I DID. I REALLY DID. Not only that, but the SERIES is good, too!

A Time to Die ~ Nadine Brandes

Again, not necessarily beautiful, but impactful. This book focuses on how you would live if you knew when you would die. Lemme say, Parvin is way more productive then I would be (I’d quite my job&school and would just binge watch all of my Netflix shows, lol). I do like the writing, though.

Recently, I’ve been in SUCH a ATtD mood. Like, such. I crave the writing and the world building and argh I JUST WANT IT RIGHT NOW. GIMME.

So how have y’all been? Good, I hope. 😀 So what are some of your favorite debuts?? Or books that are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous?? I’d love to chat/fangirl with you! Let’s discuss! 😘

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  1. I’m one of those people who just doesn’t know anything about books and their authors prior to reading them?? So like I never know if I’m reading their debut or not haha. But I do know that I’ve only read ATPN on this list and definitely need to read the others! I’ve always wanted to read Nadine’s books but I’m yet to win one of her giveaways… 😉

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    1. Lol, I can definitely get that. Sometimes absorbing new info is just so hard, man.
      Yes, read the others!!! Nadine’s books are great. I am D Y I N G to read her new book, Romanov, but IT DOESN’T COME OUT FOR FOREVER, STILL. AH. (I get it about the giveaways, lol. I’m the same. 😉 )

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