Bookish Friends I am Thankful For

Hi! So I know that this is only a US holiday, but as Thanksgiving was yesterday, I thought that I would make a themed post. I compiled a list of those from the bookish world that either helped me grow, encouraged me, or I just wanted to thank for being so lovely.

If I could, I would thank all of you, my friends, individually … but a) that’s a LOTTA people; b) I’m sure that many of you use fake names/human bodies (I see you, dragons), and that just wouldn’t work. :/ But I am SO thankful for you all!!!! 😘

(Lol. Why all the emojis suddenly? My computer just got them so haha … buckle down, folks.)


Simi has been my best friend for my whole journey as a blogger. I think one of my first few months I met her and honestly, guys? Simi is the best. It’s that simple. We have written tomes worth of comments on each other’s blogs and I’ve watched her grow as a blogger and I (hope) that she has seen me, as well.

She’s led me to some great books (such as pestering me until I read The Book Thief … aha ha) and always lightens my mood. So if you want a super fun, funny, and quirky book blogger to follow, go visit Simi! ❤


Paperfury has taught me so many things about writing, blogging, and what, exactly, it means to be a book blogger. How to keep pushing on despite sucky people and that it IS possible to write 50k in a weekend during NaNo when you forgot that it was actually the month of November… (I swear I’ve only done it twice!)

Cait is just so funny and she gives me all of the books to feed to my tbr (so … maybe I shouldn’t thank her???). I’ve followed her for years, now, and don’t regret reading all of her 3x a week posts. (She also has given me a new love of cake???)

(Cait also directed me to the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series … and for that I am forever grateful)

Nadine Brandes

Yes. Nadine, the author. The quirkiest, sweetest, nicest person. Ever. Ever ever. I love Nadine soooo much!

Despite being a full-time author and (for the last nine months) pregnant and having a life, she spends so much time connecting with her readers – even those who haven’t read her books! Nadine has responded to any email that I’ve sent her and has replied to nearly all of my comments (there’s been a lot … haha) and she’s sent LOADS of virtual oreos!

Nadine, also, has taught me things. That kind people on the internet are so need and make such a difference. That, even when time seems pressed, you can connect with others. How she prioritizes everything is just goals. 😍

My bookshelf

How could I leave this one out??? Even when it was just a single overload shelf on my wall (like, guys, it was stacked three feet high…) and to when it had to share space with other peeps’ books, all the way to now. A library cart.

Bookshelf, I love you. You have been with me always. You’ve always welcomed the new books that I’ve introduced you to (except when you refused to make room for them). You have stuck with me in stressful times when I reorganized you so many times.

Thanks, mate.

I’m sure that there are so many others out there that I should be thanking, but these are the first that come to mind! Who, in the bookish world, has helped you grow? That you’re thankful for? Everyone have a good week! 😀

9 thoughts on “Bookish Friends I am Thankful For

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  1. Ahhhh my bloggish bestie!! Thank you for this! And thank you for being you! You’re such an excellent friend and blogger. I’ve loved seeing you grow into the blogger you are today, all the way from Mirrors which was I think the first thing I read of yours. Or maybe it was something about Dr Who? I don’t even remember it was so long ago…

    Anyway thank you for sticking by me and my lil blog! I’m glad that we’re each other’s biggest fan 😉 and thanks for the recs! Without you I never would’ve ‘met’ Ruta Sepetys and I mean what would life be without Ruta’s books? They’re exquisite.

    So yeah, thank you thank you thank you!! You’re the best! I’m honoured to be in one of your blog posts! Sending all the love!! ❤ I need to come visit you if I’m ever in America 😉

    Also Happy (a bit late) Thanksgiving! Still upset that we don’t have it, not gonna lie…

    And still waiting on that review of the Book Thief… hehe.

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    1. Yes, my bloggish bestie!!! ❤ I can’t believe that we’ve known each other for so long!! (Mirrors has come a long way since the version that I put up, haha…) Thank you so much!!!!!

      I love your blog!!! You’re so funny and our comments could fill books, haha. (Liiiiike this one 😉 ) YES. Ruta’s books are the literal best. Sookk good. (And I’ll have you know that my Book Thief review is scheduled for this month! Look at me, all on top of it, haha.)

      Happy (even later) Thanksgiving!!! I wish that you had it!! There’s always a lot of food and it’s fun and just yes. (Plus more breaks from school, lol 😆 )

      Thank you for sticking around with me!!! You’re so awesome and always lighten up my day!!!! Thank yoooou!!! ❤ (Yes, do come visit! I’ll do the same if I ever visit the UK 😉 )

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      1. We’re so old now 😉 I didn’t even know you’re still working on Mirrors! You should post the updated version so I can read it!

        Aw thanks, Alyssa! ❤ I guess we just have a lot of opinions hehe.

        Yayyy I can’t wait for your review!! Most anticipated blog post of all time I have to say 😉

        Same! I’d love to have an extra holiday…

        It’s been a pleasure, Alyssa! Oh wow that sounds like I’m saying goodbye… I’m not, just to clarify! How could I ever?! I’m glad I found such an amazing bloggish friend when – on starting my blog – I never thought I would! ❤ ❤ (I’m already planning my US tour because I also have to go to Disneyworld obviously)

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        1. Oh my goooosh, we are!!!! Yeah, though. I am. I’m rewriting it ’cause last year I was rereading it … and ugh, cringe. STILL. I am proud of my work. (If I were to post it again … ack. It would end up like all of my serials: unfinished. But! When I’m done writing it, perhaps I could send it to you??? It would still be forever, tho. You could be 1899 years old by that time, lol.)

          I hope that my review lives up to that expectation! There’s a lot of pressure… 😉

          It … uh … kinda does sound like you’re saying goodbye. I know, though! I never thought that I would make such a great friend through blogging! (ahhhh, we should go together! I’ve never – somehow – been to Disney World!!! I’m not much of a crowds fan, haha XD )

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          1. I’m glad that you’ve stuck with it though! (I give up so easily on my writing haha.) I don’t mind waiting! Maybe I can be a beta reader if you decide to publish?

            All I’m saying is you better have given it 5 stars… 😉

            Isn’t the internet a great (most of the time) place?! I love how we can make friends all over the world… (WE HAVE TO GO!! I’ve been to Disneyland Paris but apparently Disney world is wayy bigger and better)

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            1. Thanks! (I stick with all of my projects … probably too much … but they take FOREVER) Yes, you definitely could!!!!

              Yea, I know, right??? It’s pretty cool. (Dude, I didn’t even KNOW there was one in Paris!! Look at me being all unedimucated. Or something. 😉 )

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      2. We’re so old now 😉 I didn’t even know you’re still working on Mirrors! You should post the updated version so I can read it!
        Aw thanks, Alyssa! ❤ I guess we just have a lot of opinions hehe.
        Yayy I’m so excited for your review!! Most anticipated blog post of all time I have to say 😉
        Same! I’d love to have an extra holiday…
        It’s been a pleasure! Oh wow that sounds like I’m saying goodbye… I’m not, just to clarify! How could I ever?! When I started blogging I never thought I’d find such an amazing friend, but I’m glad I did! ❤ ❤ (I’m already planning my US tour because obviously I also have to go to Disneyworld)


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