My Break TBR

Hey, y’all! How’s it going; how’s it going? Good I hope!! 😀

So. Why am I posting a TBR list??? 1) I realized that I never ACTUALLY finished the post that I had scheduled for today … oops … and I wasn’t really feeling the motivation to finish that specific post. 2) I live in the US and we have a little thing called Thanksgiving, so I have a whole week off from school (HALLELUJAH) and decided that I shall get all the things done.


But really. I’m travelling + meeting up with family, so hopefully lots of reading time as I hide behind potted plants??? In all seriousness (because I … obviously … wasn’t being … serious before, haha), I have a few books that I want to get started.

(most of them will probably end up getting read during my winter break, but whatever 😛 )

Words of Radiance

Brandon Sanderson

Yup. I just barely came out of a four month relationship with the first book, and I’m already moving on. Words of Radiance was an impulse library request. Call it the rebound book after The Order of the Phoenix (which is my fav HP book). But hey, it doesn’t really matter how you pick up the book, right? It’s how you read it that matters.

Lol. ANYWAYS. Sups excited to get to read this! I’ll admit, the first book, The Way of Kings, was rather slow. but it left off on an excited, fast-paced end and I neeeed this book. (Plus the binding/hardcover is super beautiful? As is the interior designing 😍😍 )

It IS slightly bigger then its predecessor, but only by 86 pages … so overall, not too bad, right??? Lol. Along with this monster of a beast book (1087 pgs), I have the next book on this list which is also a monster … so hopefully break proves to be a fruitful reading week??? Haha. Ha. ha.

(help – i’m d y i n g)


Diana Gabaldon

I’m actually not quite sure what this book is about, tbh. But it is big, popular, and has a TV show that I kinda want to watch (again, not quite sure what it’s about) and I decided that it was quite time that I read it.

Of course, I found out about this book through the lovely Sasha Alsberg. She adores them. But what really spurred me into action to read this now was that I saw some of the books at a Barnes and Noble and just decided that, hey, it was high time that I read them.

So here we are.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

Keirsten White

Ahh!!! Guys!!! I’ve been waiting literally f o r e v e r for this book! (First I had to wait for it to be published, then for my library to actually get it) But it is NOW IN MY GRUBBY LITTLE FINGERS AND I JUST LITERALLY CANNOT. It is even more beautiful in person, I daresay it.

But yes. I’m starting to read this tomorrow (!!!), and while that isn’t TECHNICALLY a school break yet, I’m a rebel and I do as I please. But I still cannoooooot waaaait! Twenty-four hours seems like forever, friends!



This is one that I’m actually going to be picking up in December. BUT. It is still here. Because I would maybe like to still get around to it?


I started this March of 2017. 2017, folks. That’s a long time. To be fair, it is a long book. (Totally at somewhere near 6k pages) And to make matters worse, it is only available in web serial format, and I just take so long to read ebooks (1 year to read Frankenstein, friends) … and web serial is just so much worse. It is so good, though! I love it! And I have a feeling that as soon as I finish, I shall start it again!

Also. As soon as it becomes available in print format … which it will … I will buy it. I do not care the price. (Do you hear that, Wildbow????) IT TIS GOOD.

What about all of you? Do you have an upcoming school break (for my US of A homies)? What are you hoping to read soon? DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK THAT I’M INSANE FOR HAVING SO MANY MONSTER BOOKS ON THIS LIST, BECAUSE I DO.

5 thoughts on “My Break TBR

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  1. Yep, definitely insane 😉

    I don’t get a break 😦 but I do only have 2 and 1/2 more weeks until the Christmas holidays so there is that.

    Oooh I have big news!! (Well kinda not that big but eh) I found a copy of Frankenstein in my sister’s room! So hopefully I’ll get round to reading that some time soon because I’ve always wanted to 😀

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