Most Villainous Authors in the Kingdom

Heyo, friends! So October is rapidly leaving us behind … and I … I am just not ready. Like, can I have the time back, please and thank you?

But to send off in this second-to-last week of October, I have compiled a list of the five most villainous, most evil authors there are. This is a warning not to read their books as I shove them in your face.

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today’s gifs are all from the netflix movie when we first met … i do not recommend, but it is super funny, omg

Your welcome.

(It is also a loose interpretation of Top Ten Tuesday Villain Freebie) (Click on the image for the linky thing)

V.E. Schwab

Ahaha, how could I not put her on here? I mean, come on, she’s all but admitted to it on her Twitter.

For those of you who don’t know, V.E. Schwab (who also has like, two other pennames?) wrote the Shades of Magic trilogy which I’ve read 2/3 of, and is SO good. She also wrote Monsters of Verity and Villains (along with City of Ghosts and The Archived under her other penname).

Her books are somewhat dark and, as a person, I think that she is. She’s kinda scary, TBH (she’s said that her hair is dyed by the blood of her enemies … and I sort of believe her).

C.G. Drews

Another abbreviated name! And another who basically admits to being a villainous overlord. Oh, who am I kidding. She does admit to it!

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As of right this second, C.G. Drews only has one book out: A Thousand Perfect Notes, but her second is coming out next year, The Boy Who Steals Houses. She runs the blog PaperFury (c’mon, who hasn’t heard of – and loved – it?). Both of these are contemporaries, which, unfortunately, lacks Evil Villains. But C.G. is a Slytherin and hey, we have a reputation to uphold.

S.J. Kincaid

Okay, so I’ve discovered two things. 1) To be a villainous author, you must abbreviate your name 2) To be an author you must abbreviate your name. (Well, my authorly career is over with…)

Ms. Kincaid has written a lot of books. Like, a lot a lot. But the one that we are going to be focusing on (because it’s the only one that I have read) is The Diabolic trilogy. Why does this make her an Evil Villain Overlord? Um, because of The Empress which I have still not gotten over yet, thankyouverymuch.

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The whole first book, Nemesis is basically a villain. The second, SO MANY FREAKIN’ BAD THINGS HAPPEN AND OH, THERE GOES MY HEART. AH. So yeah. Only one with evil intent can write these kinds of books.

Suzanne Collins

Yep. I certainly HOPE that all of you know who Ms Collins is. Okay. Spoilers. She wrote The Hunger Games. (IKR?)

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Anyways, it shouldn’t be too shocking as to why she’s on this list. Despite her looking like the sweetest person ever, she wrote the freakin’ Hunger Games … so need I say more?

For those of you who HAVEN’T read/heard of The Hunger Games, it is basically a bunch of CHILDREN trying to KILL each other. (Whaaaa? I’m very fond of my CAPS today…) It’s very horrific. If you can think up something like that … I dunno, man.

(and yet somehow she wrote for a children’s tv show???? i do not understand???)

John Green

Okay. So for Mr Green I’ve only read one and two chapters of his book (Turtles All the Way Down and two chapters of The Fault in Our Stars), and yet I can already tell that he’s one of those brutally-murdering-you-and-the-characters sort of authors.

The actual man himself seems pretty o-kay. But then again … aurthors DO bathe in the blood of their readers as they sip tears from their delicate tea cups. You know, as one does.

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So there you have it, folks! My not-all-included list of Evil Authors! Is there anybody that you would most definitely add? Who is your go-to author to get kicked in the feels? I’d love to know so that I can cry with you! And remember, other people’s tears makes your skin look seventy-three years younger! (that’s my secret) Chaaaat wiiiith meee!

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  1. Haha yes, only the most evil abbreviate their names. Maybe they’re trying to hide the fact that their first name shows their villainous nature? So like in VE Schwab the VE could stand for Viciously Evil or something… And JK Rowling could really be called Just Killing-literally-all-the-characters-you-love-most Rowling. I’m just saying.


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