White as Silence, Red as Song

Hey guys!!! HAPPY OCTOBER. I don’t know about where you all live, but here October is suppose to be the start of fall and chilly etc. etc. WELL. The first day of Oct. happened to be eighty-some degrees. Yeah. Not a fan.

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what I imagined…
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what it actually was like

But moving on!

I have a review for y’all (wow, imagine that). White as Silence, Red as Song is written by Alessandro D’Avenia. If you could guess by his name ( <– ), it is Italian! Well, translated into English. But yup. It is a contemporary, which was kinda why I picked it, because I was in such a contemporary mood when I read this. (And that cover. Gosh, I love it. ❤ ❤ ❤ )

White as Silence, Red as Song
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What I liked:

Ummmm. So I am full of very conflicting feelings with this book. Okay, no. Mostly not conflicting; mostly bad. I just … I just … I dunno. Maybe I just didn’t connect with it??? BUT ANYWAYS. Onto the positives!!!

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I liked The Dreamer (more on him later). I also liked how in the first quarter of the book there were all of these references (e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, Spider-Man) and how they were just there. Like no Big D.


The narration style was cool. Very … lyrical? Poetic? We didn’t have “chapters” in the same sense as a typical book. Well, chapters without the titles and/or numbers. They were split up into five pages or less AND I AM SO THERE FOR THAT. SHORT CHAPTERS FOR THE WIN WOOT WOOT!

(Also, I really can’t get into it without spoilers, but there was this revelation that Leo had towards the end – no, it wasn’t that he is a creep – but it just made me so … happy?? I’m not sure.)


Okay. Leo at first is pretty cool. Buuuuut as time went on, I was 101% done with him. He is such a stereotypical boy, which I actually thought was pretty neat. Usually the books that I read, the narrators are all Polished and Perfect, Look at Me – I’m Ultra Bad With a Squishy Heart, or Woe is Me. Yeeeeah, Leo is none of those.

Image result for dylan o brien hair gif


Given his name and his large amount of crazy hair (everyone tells him to cut it), he likes to think of himself as a Lion. He has a motorbike which he thinks makes him cool. And, like, he thinks that he could get any girl to like him if he just talks to them. I dunno. He was … it was actually kinda funny.

But then I feel like he turned stalkerish. Like, seriously. He keeps going on about how Beatrice is his one and only dream (basically just because she’s the prettiest girl in school … they’ve never talked … and maybe have never made eye cotnact) and Leo kept giving me this bad feeling. A physical bad feeling. He was just pretty creepy. (By the end, though, it got sort of better???)

Silvia was suuuper underrated, IMO. I didn’t love her, necessarily, but I COULD HAVE if she had gotten more page time. Same with Niko. I DID love The Dreamer, though. He’s their sub-turned-permanent History and Philosophy teacher and he didn’t take anyone’s BS, in a pretty chill way. He also steered Leo onto the less-creepy path.

Beatrice was also pretty cool, though. I surprised myself by liking her, lol.


I already said waaay above, but I thought the writing was pretty good. People said that Leo had a way with words, and that showed through in the narration. Occasionally we got some pretty cool, deep one-liners (most of them from Beatrice, lol). This is one of my favorites:

Ignorance is the most comfortable thing I know, aside from the sofa in my living room.

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forever one of my favorite gifs XD

But yeah. WaSRaS (<- what is that??? XD ) didn’t really have much of a plot. We were just kinda tossed to and fro in Leo’s life, which actually worked for this book. It makes the reader feel closer to Leo, in a way. Also, SUPER SHORT CHAPTERS.


I guess that my biggest one is that I felt like Leo was super creepy. Stalking. Very ignorant in lots of things. And people just let him carry on??? i just do not understand. And I’m telling you, it was bad enough that Leo gave me a PHYSICAL BAD FEELING.

Image result for creepy gif

Despite me saying that no plot worked – and I still stand by that – I’m just sayin’ a little would’ve be nice.


(I hate writing super negative reviews, so sorry guys. 😥 )

Image result for crying gif

So yeah. Not a super fan of this book. (And I am very disappointed that there were no translation errors that are completely humorous… :/ ) BUT AS ALWAYS. IF YOU WANT, GO FOR THIS, BABY. DON’T LET ME COMPLETELY RIGHT OPINION CHANGE YOU. Lol. But seriously. Go for it, if you want! I’ve read lots of reviews where people loved this book!

⭐ ⭐

Thank you, BookLook Bloggers, for the review copy! Muchas gracias! All opinions and such are entirely my own. I was not bought, etc. etc.

So what about you guys? What are YOUR dreams? Any books that you wanted to love (especially because of the cover… 😛 ), but didn’t? Chat with me, please!!! Love you all! ❤

4 thoughts on “White as Silence, Red as Song

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  1. Yesss I am all for short chapters! They just make life so much easier. I hate stopping half way through a chapter, if maybe I need to go have dinner or something. I NEED to stop at the end of a chapter. So yay for short chapters!

    Also love the Dylan O’Brien gif 😉


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW. Like, authors please think of the readers when you write? lol. Short chapters are grand.

      BUT THAT GIF, THO. I found it by chance (i was looking for something else) and omg, I love it so much! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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