Fawkes (Gunpowder and Magic and Gryffindors)

Hey friends! How’s everyone doing? Good? Good.

The featured book for today, as you already know by the title, is Nadine Brandes’ Fawkes. This book has to have one of the most gorgeous covers that I’ve ever seen. Like, seriously. GORGE-OUS.

For those of you who don’t know, Fawkes is a historical fiction retelling of the Gunpowder Plot (look it up) that happened in the 1800s. I think??? But anyways, Nadine basically takes this little-to-me-known event and adds magic and Gryffindors and just yes.

(ahem. My fren, Simi, just corrected me. It’s the 1600s 😉 )

So if you think that this book is for you, then read on! And if not, then read on!

(also, hamilton gifs all the way … even if they don’t fit)

(and as always, click on the book cover to take you to goodreads)

because i love this gif

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What I liked:

An obscure retelling! I mean, maybe not do obscure … I’m American not English, but still. I love retellings that aren’t super mainstream (I dare you to find another Gunpowder Plot retelling). And, like, add magic? Heck yes.

I loved how magic was so … common, and yet such a big deal. So like everyone is capable of magic, but not everyone has access (you need to have a parent carve you a mask) and some are stronger than others. But back to the masks … isn’t that kinda unique? You can only magic with your mask and … okay, there’s too much to explain, so I shant try – you’ll just have to read the book. 😉

Image result for hamilton gifs

I love the characters and their relations – specifically the plotters. Just yes. Everyone was kind of friends, but yet everything was super strenuous.

And, like, omg. I LOVED the ending!!! It was just beautiful and fitting and ugh, yes!! MY EMOTIONS CANNOT BE DESCRIBED.


The ultimate Gryffindor – Thomas – was our narrator. I didn’t really connect with him a whole bunch the entire book, but I loved to see how much he grew. And I also loved (and yelled at him for) how Thomas spoke of honor, but yet fell back into selfish behaviors.

Emma … well hmm. I liked her and how she stood for her beliefs and was so unbelievably strong, but I didn’t just enjoy her until the late middle. However, I liked how she made Thomas think.

Image result for hamilton gifs

The plotters were probably my favorites. Guy Fawkes – Thomas’s father – was my favorite favorite, methinks. I enjoyed the complexity of him, no matter how long it took to actually get you know him.

As for the other plotters … hehe, I can’t remember their names. BUT. I either loved them all, or loved to hate them. 😉


The writing/POV felt a little distant to me, though that may have just been because I didn’t connect to Thomas. I dunno.

The plot, I predicted. Mostly. But there were a few surprises in for me, or twisty-turns that I didn’t guess until the last second.


Things felt slow for me and I didn’t love Thomas or Emma. Never quite got into it.

Image result for hamilton gifs
because why not? this is my favorite hamilton gif…


Lil’ bit of kissing. Some violence, especially towards the end, that can be a bit much for the youngins. But I felt that it fit.

While this book wasn’t necessarily for me, I still love the author! (and her amazing + funny youtube channel) But if you want to try and clean historical fiction with magic, give this a try!!!!! Loads of people love it! XD

Image result for hamilton gifs

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

So I sincerely hope that you give this book a try! I loved all of the magic and historicalness to it. Now time for real talk. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Choose wisely. Fate may read this.

6 thoughts on “Fawkes (Gunpowder and Magic and Gryffindors)

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  1. Yesss loving the gifs! Have you seen Hamilton? Probably not otherwise you would’ve mentioned it by now, but just wondering.

    Ooh is Nadine the one who wrote the A Time to Speak or Die or something like that? I’m always getting notifications of giveaways she’s doing for them but I never get them 😦 I will read them though, and this, some day.


    P.S. Haha yes, over here in England we learn a lot about the Gunpowder Plot in primary school.
    P.P.S. It was in the 1600s 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve only listened to Hamilton – haven’t seen it.

      Yes! She is! Nadine is, like, super awesome. And so are her books. Highly recommend.

      (Thank you for the education! Here in America we only learn about why we should hate tea, lol. 😉 )

      (Oh! Oh! Reading The book thief right now and ack!!!! It’s soooo good! ❤ (

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah same, but listening to it is still such a good experience in my opinion.

        I must get my hands on Nadine’s books soon! At the moment I’m reading Salt to the Sea, which I think you must’ve recommended to me once? So I’m glad we’re reading each other’s recs at the same time, and that you’re enjoying the Book Thief! 😉

        Funnily enough I actually hate tea as well, and jam and cream and fish n chips, all very British things haha.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes. I mean, I nearly started crying listening to Hamilton (oddly enough not at a death??) and that, like, never happens. I’ve had two friends go and see it, though.

          Ooh! yes! Salt to the Sea was pretty good. I’m trying to get my mom to read it… But I like the little girl in it … argh, I can’t remember her name! But yeah. (oooohmygoooosh, I’m loving the Book Thief! Like, why didn’t people get me to read it early?? 😉 )

          Lol. Well, I’m glad that we’re equal on that level. I hate tea. I also hate a lot of “American” foods and stuff, haha.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I’ve come close to tears too, and been given chills. There’s such beautiful as well as meaningful music in it ❤
            I’m liking it so far, although all the different POVs were quite confusing to start with haha. I’m soooo glad you’re enjoying the Book Thief!! Oh yeah mm there definitely wasn’t someone shouting at you to read it in like every other comment they sent… 😆 at least all my hard work paid off 😉
            Yeah, I just see tea as hot, watery juice and just ew. When I think of American foods I think of burgers and fries… 😛

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Fine, fine I’ll give you that. Your hard work paid off… 😉

              Hmm. I’m a vegetarian so burgers are a no (I’m just a fan of the relish and buns, tbh) and some fries are okay. I’m sorta picky, lol.

              Liked by 1 person

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