My 5 Favourite Dark and Beautiful Boys

Think tragedy. Tall, dark, and handsome. The guys your mom wouldn’t want you to hang around with. Fictional, of course.

I love the fictional characters that are the tragic geniuses or the misunderstood bad boys. They’re such a cliche, but I love them.

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So that’s what this list is complied of! The literary Tony Starks and Sherlock Holmes.

(haha, read through my list and you’ll quickly discover a pattern. All are misunderstood. Cocky. Hidden emotions. No, I don’t have a type why do you ask?)


Dante & Jacks

Dante is like the most beautiful of all Dark and Tortured souls. We don’t actually get to know a lot about him and his background, but the man that we see today is certainly tall, dark, and brooding. He has a rougish charm and lots of one-night-stands. He’s seductive and wears black. He has mystery down to a science. But I just loved him for his, well, mystery and quick retorts.

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Jacks is nearly opposite of Dante. He is sterile and everything about him is pale. But he is sharper than a tack and just looking at him could give you a paper cut. Something about Jacks, though, is that he is dangerous. Not just in looks or personality, but, like, serious trouble. He, as well, is mysterious, but in a different way. There is the intoxicating air of danger around him and I just loved the murder in his eyes. πŸ˜€

~Every Breath~

James Mycroft

Because come on, how could I not put him on here?

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Mycroft is like the most Tortured Soul of all Tortured Souls. A great example of this is his second book, Every Word. Like, all the raw emotions and cigarettes. If he were to have an aesthetic board on Pinterest (which I may or may not have done…), it would be purely emo and science puns.

He is one of my favorite fictional characters, as every Sherlock incarnation is. I love how he has genius-level smarts and is tormented by inner demons. How he has difficulty getting close to people and just seeing his character arc.



Suave, seductive Morpheus of course had to make it on this list. He … is an interesting guy. He is manipulative and, well, yeah. Manipulative. But it’s all for the greater good, right?

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Lol. But yeah. He definitely counts for the misunderstood bad boy/slight villain? I have to say, I’d choose him over Jeb in an instant … I don’t know what Alyssa’s doing, hopping between them both. πŸ˜›

But he is just so cocky and sassy and isn’t easily put down. There is a motivation, though, behind all of his actions that tell of inner squishiness. ❀

~To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before~

Peter Kavinsky

In a different direction, we have Peter K. He cocky and charming. He is popular and is on the lacrosse team. But he has a squishy inside that is softer than an undercooked brownie.

Having a distant father has given Peter some emotional issues, but beneath the cocky boy is the sweetest, softest Cinnamon Roll of all time.

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Watch the movie. Read the books. You won’t question my choice to put him on here.

~Stalking Jack the Ripper~

Thomas Cresswell

Ahhhh, Thomas. Another genius to add to my list. πŸ˜‰ And I’m sure that Audrey Rose would agree with me in saying that he’s most certainly handsome…

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But yeah. He is very Sherlocky and smart and deductive, but is also dark and mysterious. Woooo. And you know what? I’m starting to think that you can’t have genius without the smoking bad boy. Or the socially awkward nerd. You know.

(Pssst. Hey! Escaping from Houdini comes out next month and I am an impatient cucumber! Fangirl in the comments with me!)

What is YOUR favorite kind of fictional boy (or girl)? I’d love to know, along with your personal favorites! Any from my list thst you would marry at dawn? Fangirl with me, my dears! ❀ ❀

16 thoughts on “My 5 Favourite Dark and Beautiful Boys

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  1. I FEEL ATTACKED BY THIS POST, BECAUSE I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. 😍😍Like seriously 10000% this is my list too afjdksald. Dante and Jacks are so freaking dark and sinister and perfect. And Morpheus absolutely knows he’s amazing. πŸ˜‚Also going to add on Sam from Shiver (SO tortured) and August Flynn from This Savage Song. β€οΈπŸ’”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha, yes. Absolutely. I am 10000% in love with this list and their malicious darkness. ❀ ❀ (And I may or may not have read Shiver or This Savage Song??? But like, I don't understand why I haven't??? πŸ˜› )


  2. This post is great! We bookworms do love our mysterious bad boys.

    The only one i know is Peter so heyyy Peter you marshmallow. Isn’t he just the sweetest? Him with Kitty is just awwww.


    (β€œI just loved the murder in his eyes. πŸ˜€β€ ummmmmm πŸ˜† )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, thanks. I definitely fall into the stereotype of female readers loving the bad boys. XD (Kitty + Peter = ❀ ❀ )

      (Haha. Yeah. I think that my sister is slightly concerned as well?? But what can I say?? I like what I like πŸ˜› )

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have to admit that I’ve read none of the books mentioned here, and I definitely need to read TATBILB because otherwise I can’t watch the movie. Anyway, I just wanted to mention how I love that you’ve used so many Tony Stark gifs, which I solidly appreciate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Debbie!!
      YES, you need to read TAtBILB!!! The movie is super good, as well!!! ❀
      And but if course I had to use Tony Stark gifs!!! He is my favorite and he fit sooo well with the post! πŸ˜›


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