Here Lies Daniel Tate (Sociopaths, muuurder, and more)

Heeeey, friends! How’s it goin’??

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But that’s not what you’re here for, is it?? Lol. You’re here about the sociopaths and murders, right? That’s what I though. Well boy do I have the book for you. Here Lies Daniel Tate by Cristin Terrill has plenty of that.

Hey, did you like my bait? Did I bring some of you fishies in?? (I also lowkey feel like that line should have been in a Veggie Tales … *shrugs*)

But yeah, this is one of my favorite books, so I hope that you read this.

Here Lies Daniel Tate
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What I liked:

Ahhhh, this beautiful book. I am reviewing this after the second time reading it (oops??) but I shall do things as I like, so there.

But this book follows a boy who is either Daniel Tate or Not Daniel Tate. Simple, right? Lol. But anyways, “Daniel” is our narrator and for the first portion of the book, he just keeps lying to the reader. (You may scoff at me now, but read it and you will understand.)

He is sociopathic and a great liar, and I just found it kind of nice to have a different sort of narrator, even if he wasn’t what you imagine a sociopath to be like (very easy going, in a sense).

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What really stole the show for me, though, was the ending. Sure, I loved how throughout the whole book your mind is going on overdrive trying to figure everyone’s secrets out, but in the ending? It reminds me of Eleanor in the sense of you really don’t get much closure, ya know? If you think about it, the whole main plot may or may not be resolved. It’s just … *sigh* SO good.


Daniel was just perfect. Like, he’s flawed but I got him. And I just … yeah. He’s also a great narrator because he kinda lies a lot and we never quite get a backstory on him, making him an interesting character.

Nicholas = yes. I just loved him so much. He was very realistic (perhaps the most realistic of them all???) and I don’t know. I just really liked him.

Lex? That girl hovers like no other. And I’m kinda torn. Do I like? Do I not? Throughout the book she could get annoying at times, but I could still really appreciate her.

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Others: Miah is adorable. Jessica … just no. Patrick was …. I just don’t even know, man. He wasn’t in it much, but yet I kind of liked his character (while not). I HATED Ren with a fiery passion. She was pointless and super annoying and unrealistic. Asher, however, was amazing.


I LOVED the writing. It was all Oooh, I’m super mysterious and everything while, like, actually delivering. And, funny story, I was like fifty pages in before I was thinking that this sure was a long chapter…

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To discover that it didn’t have chapters! Yay! No, but seriously. I typically HATE when books don’t have chapters (*cough* Fairest *cough*), but I loved it for this. It was perfect. AND, it was broken up frequently.

The plot was an interesting thing. Sometimes it seemed rock solid, others it was like wait, is there even a plot? And yet again, I liked it and it worked. It was all over the place (think of if you give a two year old a permanent marker, heh heh). But at the end it all (sort of) tied together, and that was just awesome.



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It was slow moving at times. I was still definitely interested throughout, but also … ahhhhhhhhh. Slow death. (haha, like my pun?)

Throughout the book I was constantly like ugh, why is this even in here? It doesn’t fit, but lol, little did I know… >:D


So yes, this was one of my favorite reads of 2018 (as I said in this post). Definitely recommend it. I’m not usually a fan of mystery (and hit or miss with contemporary), but I thoroughly enjoyed this one!


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There’s small tinges of violence (nothing really noteworthy … I just need to make this review longer), romance doesn’t get far past kissing … although there ones a few scenes that …. ugh …. and frequent swearing. Enjoy.


Lol, but seriously. Do read! It is very, very good!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Wow. Okay. Such a good book. Anyone else read it???? Hmmm. Does anyone here like mystery? Has anyone been APART of a mystery??? Tell me all the juicy deets. Ciao! ❤

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  1. Ooh I liketh mysteries! Especially rereading them knowing the outcome hehe. I like that you’re kinda forced to really think about the story and try to solve the mystery yourself in a way. I just wanna be Sherlock Holmes, ya know?

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