The Cresswell Plot ~ Review

So hello, everyone!! I am back here with another review by yours truly.

Though it was fun to dip my toes in the romance/contemporary pool with last week’s post (right here), I think that I shall get back to my creepy/fantasy books, thank-you-very-much.

Well. That means that today’s review (as that I am sure that most of you can read, extending to the title up there or below a lil’ bit) is the book The Cresswell Plot by Eliza Wass.

Now, this isn’t your typical book. It IS about a cult, but there aren’t a whole bunch of creepy rituals and stuff ( 😦 ) so you’re fine in those regards. Click on the book cover for more information!

(P.S. Shouldn’t it actually be pretty easy to come up with a catchy post title for this book? I tried for, like, thirty seconds and come up with nothing… Moving on!)



Things I liked:


So, like, a big family (six kiddies), and the gender orders were all the same as me familia, so, cool. (Except, kinda weird? Yeah, read the book.)

THE NAMES, PEEPS, THE NAMES. We have Delvive, Castella, Hannan, Mortimer, Caspar, + Jerusalem as the Cresswell family. Like, yes??

Also! Also! Also! Minimal romance! Which was, like, pretty cool. A lot of the book was Castley lamenting because she couldn’t have a romance with any dude, which I guess is technically romance, but still. There was a brief stint with that, as well.

But I also really liked how – along those same lines – Castely discovered that romance wasn’t the answer to everything. Oops. Just spoiled the book (sort of … 😉 ). JK.

This book was also pretty short, which super worked for this book.


Eh. I wasn’t really a fan of any of them. Like, at all. I mean, I guess that Castley (our narrator with the awesome name) was cool. I was sorta neutral with her (which is, like impressive? Because, like, this is me we’re talking about??), and the same with a lot of her siblings.

Now, her dad (Mr. Cult Leader) was one that I really found interesting. Because he was JUST like what you would imagine as one, though without being a glaringly-obvious stereo-type. I would SO have loved more on his background. Maybe a prequel???

And ugh. George. I hated him from the first moment, and all the way to the last. He just infuriated me (as all of these kinds of characters tend to do). And that’s all that I have to say about that.


The Plot = Cresswell.

Har har har, I crack myself up SO MUCH. (PLEASE tell met that someone else got that joke!? No? Just me?)

Seriously, though. This book is a lot about family, and how Castely is struggling to get away from her cult-family (which is pretty cool that she recognizes it as that, TBH), but loving them all the same. I wish that I could have felt that struggle a bit more … but eh.



I felt that the ending was too rushed and sort of inconclusive, but not in a good inconclusive way? Like … ya get me?

Also. I didn’t really develop a connection to really any of the Cresswells, which normally is no Big D, but when that is what really drives the plot? Yeah, a smidge disappointing.

A lot of times throughout the book, everything felt as if we were just going through the motions and the whole thing kind of felt … eh.

I would have loved to see some of the things more fleshed out, characters developed more, etc.


And yet, despite having way more dislikes than likes, I liked this. I hated George’s weasely-little guts, and wasn’t really feeling the connection, but still. I was wanting to read more (and thinking about it a lot, which is a good sign), and it was pretty good.

Some warning. This book does (obviously) have cult stuff, language, and more cult stuff (nothing that crosses a line – mostly things like the father hears from God, so don’t be too worried!). Touching on abuse. Sex is mentioned (though nothing happens!!).

Would I recommend this? Well, yes and no. Basically, if you’re on the edge, than yeah, sure, go for it! But if you aren’t really wanting to or aren’t super sure, than nah.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Hey guys! So. What did you think of the review?? Have you read this (the book, I mean…)? Do you like these kinds of books or are they from … the devil. >:D Sorry, I just had to. Anyways, please comment below with your bookly lives! Just keep personal information separate…

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