I FINALLY Read a John Green book! (Ft. TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN Review)

Hel-lo, folks!

Yes, yes, it is true. I, Alyssa, am (have? Read?) reading a John Green book. In a night + one morning. Yeah. First Hunger Games, then this. Tsk. Tsk. I am truly heading downhill from here.

Anyways! To quote Katy Perry: I read a book and I liked it. (*note: For the slow peeps out there, this is not a direct quote… 😉 )

Also, a quick note before we continue so you can all keep your sanity: I’m currently reading a book (uuuuuggggghhhh) that (I may not like) uses a ton of italics, so that is really showing through. Enjoy.

Seriously, though. Enjoy.


Oh, and, Merry (late) Christmas, folks! I hope that y’all got coal!


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What I liked:

My first John Green book! (As stated in the title.) Okay … so … not my first JG book. I started The Fault in Our Stars, but got about two chapters in and infinitely hated it. So.

But this was good!

So. Aza has OCD (it wasn’t specifically called that, but that’s what she has), which was cool, ‘specially since JG has it, too. It really represented well, and it presented some real struggles.

And hey, guess what? Some of you oldies with INCREDIBLE memories may remember that I hate the besties. Well, no longer. I actually ENJOYED Daisy (BFF).

JG had so many poignant moments that he just … dropped. Like, wow. May I have more, please?


Aza is our narrator. She’s a junior (? Senior?) in highschool, and is just … I dunno. Much different from the typical mainstream narrator that we’re use to. I rather enjoyed her, though at times she felt dry. But to me, she was quite relateable. She had her own issues (OCD + anxiety), and towards the end I was kinda annoyed with her, but still. Aza was a little refreshing.

As I mentioned before, I liked Daisy. Possibly even more than Aza. She’s very social and … loud. She writes Star Wars fanfics (I don’t like fanfics, but hey, Star Wars), which some of her opinions I agreed with. And she just felt so … real. Like, her struggles and thoughts and stuff. Just, yes. More, more, more! I especially liked the conflict between her and Aza, because it was just so REALISTIC, and it just mad me like her so much more. I still got ticked with her, bc, obviously. I’m me.

And, ugh, Davis. He’s the billionaire’s son, and I just hated him. In a small way, he made me think of John Ambrose McClaren from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, just a little … worse. He just made me SO. MAD. I don’t even know why. His whole personality just irked me. Davis seemed more self-centered then Aza supposedly is, and just, yeah. I dunno.

Noah, Davis’s lil’ bro was actually probably my favorite character of all. He wasn’t in it a whole bunch (boo!), but I loved him. He was presented as very one-dimenionsal at first, but then he was fleshed out, even in his short page-time. There’s also the third amigo to Aza’s friend group, but I can’t remember his name for the life of me. That says how much I liked him. (Spoiler: I didn’t.) And other than that, there really weren’t any characters that were mentioned more than a few times (a nice, small cast).


Wow. I really liked JG’s writing. It was very … thoughtful and thought-provoking. The characters were deep (which I had heard that JG’s always are), and, in turn, it made you feel deep. And, yeah. I liked it. Almost poetic, but just barely scratching the surface.

There isn’t really a whole bunch to say about the plot. The book’s synopsis says that they’re (Aza + Daisy) are playing detective, and JG says that they’re failing playing detective – so which is it? Well, neither. The book doesn’t really have a plot, in a way. I mean, obvsly it does, but, does it? Everything just seemed like the normal day-to-day life of Aza Holmes without being, well, boring.


Daisy and Davis. Yeah. I’m usually a pretty clever person, but even I was having a difficult time keeping them straight all the time. You try it, y’all who are laughing at me. (I know who you are…)

Me no likey Davis + the third amigo (whoever he is).

The whole thing felt … convenient at times. Like, the ending? Aza just happening to know Davis? Noah being precious? No, scratch that last one.


So, yeah. Color me impressed (plus I may or may not start reading JG…).

A good book, definitely recommend to peeps out there. (BTW, discount my rating. It’s more of a 4-star read.)

Things for the lil’ padawans to worry about: kissing/making-out, but nothing more. Swearing, though not too frequent. Aza has anxiety (OCD IS a form of anxiety, as well), so there’s that. You may fall in love with this book. Etc.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

So … I didn’t proofread. Again. Hey, what can I say (except “You’re Welcome”)? Well, are any of you John Green fans out there? (Yeah, I act like we’re best friends. I call him JG, and he calls me … okay, he doesn’t know that I exist. Whatevs.) Enemies? Thoughts on his books – specifically this book? And how was everyone’s holidays?? Mine was filled with people. 😉 See y’all in the comments down below!! (That’s south – depending on your positioning, I guess…)

4 thoughts on “I FINALLY Read a John Green book! (Ft. TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN Review)

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  1. No, now I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t read a John Green book! I’ve never been that into contemporary but maybe this book can be a place to start? Who knows…

    Hope you had a good Christmas! 🙂



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