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Guys, I couldn’t help it. It was just Easter season!

Hey, peeps!!!

I KNOW that last week I hinted at a book that I was going to review … but it’s not happening, plain and simple (like yogurt should be, am I right???). Bam. I’m actually switching up the schedule for this and next week, since it is … another blog tour! Yes, I KNOW. Y’all are probably still sick of them from last year, but it’s still happening. And guess what??? It won’t even SEEM like a blog tour, not really. 😉

Next week I’ll be reviewing the book, and this week I’m doing a discussion post (yes, Simi, I’m stealing from you 😉 ) on Indie books.

Oh, wait, what are you saying (no, not you, Smeagol … or are you Gollum??), peeps? I haven’t told you the book yet? Oh, how awful of me!

Fine, I’ll tell you! (Buuuuut, I may cry.) It is the fourth and final book in The Blades of Acktar, which is Deliver. This lovely series is written by the lovely (and no, I’m not biased … just because she’s one of my favorites) author, Tricia Mingerink!!! Yeah, cue the tears.

Anyways, let’s get going, shall we???

Let me quickly explain the title. It’s not exactly the problem WITH Indie books, but the problem ABOUT Indie books, does that make sense? No? Good.

So, an Indie book is an Independently published book (A.K.A. without a publishing company), and in case you didn’t know, they get a bad name. “What, no editor?” “You weren’t good enough to get in?” “That’s definitely an Indie cover.” And sometimes it is even for books that ARE traditionally published, it’s just that it isn’t a big company. :/

And while, yes, all of those can DEFINITELY be true, it’s not for all books. Like how all Americans are fat and lazy and disrespectful- Okay, bad example. 😉 But you get the point. Let me ask you a question, though, have you ever read an awful traditionally published book? I’m sure you have. Be it by incredibly flat characters, or so many grammatical errors that you are now an expert at reading your little sibs’ spelling (guys – it totally helps), or major plot holes. And, well, you get the idea.

Sorry, I just REALLY wanted to put this gif in here…

I’m just here to say that not ALL Indie books are like that! It’s SUCH A SHAME that Indie books get a bad rep. Actually, my friend (who just finished a book) and I were talking with another kid at our youth group about if we should publish traditionally or independently, and came up with pros and cons to both.

The lovely thing about Indie books is that so many stories get out there by some great and imaginative authors that normally wouldn’t have the chance (ahem, Tricia Mingerink…) to get out there.

And do you want to know a big reason why a lot of people don’t read Indie books? Because they can’t get out there. Often times – though not always – Indie authors are those who are just day-to-day people, not having a lot of money. Well how are you suppose to get your book out there, since you don’t have a marketer or a huge following before your publication date even arrives? You don’t. You can’t, really. It costs a TOOOOOOON of money to get your book out there (or, so I would imagine), which is such a shame.

Now, of course, there are some sucky Indie books out here (believe me, I’ve read a few – though – I won’t name any), but aren’t there some pretty awful traditionally published, as well?? I’m just saying.

So, please don’t dis a book just because it doesn’t have a “big name” publishing company. Thanks.

Oh, and, here are three of my favorite Indie book series:

The Blades of Acktar

The Ilyon Chronicles


I’ll have more graphics and links and stuff next week, but here’s a few to tide you off ’til then!

Tricia’s (awesome) blog: HERE. Again, my reviews HERE.

South Dakota

So did y’all have a good Easter? What’d you do? And how do you feel about Indie books – and what are some of your favorites? Please tell all below – after all, this is a discussion post! And please, please, please tell me your favorite heartbreaking series finales (because I ADORE them!!!), and especially if you’re invested into the series as I am! Adios!

5 thoughts on “Indie Books

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  1. I didn’t know this series was getting a fourth book!! I really really want to read the series and hopefully will soon.
    Definitely knew what an Indie book was before this post… the term is bounced around so much and yet most of the time I just skip past the fact that it’s independently published. I know traditionally published books that have grammar errors (so manyyy) and dull plots and characters. To me, there isn’t much difference (other than how hyped up it is).
    One of my favourite Indies is probably Lascar which, may I remind you, you still need to review… 😉
    P.S. steal away 🙂


    1. Yeah, most of us fangirls didn’t, either!! It’s SO exciting!! I just finished the book … and it’s great!!
      Hype is mainly the difference, sadly. 😦
      Yeah, I know. I was JUST telling Trev. how I needed to finish reading it!! We’re getting there…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really want to start reading Tricia Mingerink’s books! They look so amazing, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. And The Ilyon Chronicles, too … I’ve been seeing them around forever! But yes, Indie books can be terrible; I definitely agree with you!


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