Retellings That I Want

Here we are; you, me – a day late.

Yes, you have permission to cry. 😥

Sorry, guys! I was doing well for a week there, right??? 😛

Anyways, today I’m giving you a list of five different retellings that I would love! Please contribute yours down in the comments below!!!!


Like, HOW MANY FREAKING RETELLINGS OF FRANKENSTEINS are there?? THREE GUYS. THREE. (Okay, there are ten that I’ve counted … but whatever.)

So I’m one of those people who likes a book soooo much better after I read it … if it was good. Frankenstein was one of those books. I hard SUCH. A. HARD. TIME. Reading it. It took almost exactly a year, and until the end, it was a struggle. But as soon as I finished it, I was in love and I desperately want to read it again.

Since it was kind of hard to get through it, I wanted to find a retelling of it. The one that I want to read the most is This Dark Endeavor, but I still want to find some others. (Any other good suggestions?? Let me know in the comments!)

Beauty and the Beast

I know, this one is sooo much more popular than the previous book, but I’m still including this on here. 😉 I want to read some Beauty retellings that are just beautiful (and I really don’t want any modern retellings … I dunno). The new Emma Watson movie (yea, it is now and forever more – see what I did there???? XD – going to be called that) was just beautiful and I adored it, and I would love more things like it. ❤

Classic Fairy Tales

I once got The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales from the library, and there were some obscure fairy tales that were just brilliant and waiting for a gruesome, so I’m just waiting for that. 😉

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

(Guys, I kept writing ox – no matter how much I tried…)

I know, I know. There’s a ton of retellings of this … but I just … none of them have really caught my interest. So I just want one that seems interesting to me.

Yeah, I may be a spoiled, bratty bookworm. 😛

Peter Pan

This, also, has a few retellings, but unfortunate not as many as I would like…

But, unlike the previous story listed, this one DOES have some retelling books that interest me! Like Tiger Lily and The Child Thief. A few years ago I read the Peter and the Starcatchers series. It was my first retelling, and I adored it! ❤ My lil’ bro is rereading them right now, and it just makes me so happy! It may be a time for a reread! 😉

And there you go, guys! My (day) late, short post! Come back next week for a supernatural contemporary book review, I hope that you’ll enjoy it!!! Please comment down below and tell me what YOUR favorite retellings are, and what you want more of! Bye!! ❤

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  1. YES I agree with all of these, especially Peter Pan and Frankenstein. I’d also love some Dickens retellings, maybe more modern ones. Love this list 🙂


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