A Bookly Update

Hey guys! So, first, I’d like to … um … apolog-apologize for … being away. (Ha! Jess, I did it!) I was sick … and can we just say that I was sick for TWO+ weeks?? Yeah? Good? Good.

That was the reason that I was posting my bookly-posts (yeah, I’m using the word “bookly” instead of “bookish,” because I feel like the latter is a little overused – though definitely better … so anyways … allons-y!), but why haven’t I been reviewing?

Well, I’m reading the Bible. The whole thing. I’ve done it before, but this time I’m not reading anything else until I’ve finished the Bible. I’m almost done with Luke. So … yay. Continue reading “A Bookly Update”



I DEFINITELY apologize that I haven’t blogged for 27.415 days! (Okay, just kidding. I took 26 – the actual number – and added the log of 26. #nerdy )

But I do have a … visually pleasing post today! I planned to make it a bit of a longer post, but I just got back from babysitting, and sheesh…

So today’s post is #coverlove . These are all books from my physical bookshelf that I just adore for one reason or another. Please enjoy! 😉 Continue reading “#CoverLove”

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