Some Reading Habits That I Acquired in 2016

Mwhaahahahahhaha!! >:D I’ve managed to push off a wrap-up post this long! And – ha – it’s not even a wrap-up! Okay, maybe sort of. But shush.

Today I’m telling you these 6 little reading habits(ish) that I picked up in the year twenty-sixteen.

1. I Became a Little Really Competitive.

tumblr_m6rodg8sy71qjm0qbo1_500Okay, so, I’m a competitive person. Just picture this: it’s my first “full” year of Goodreads. They have this thing where you set a goal for reading books (mine is 90 this year … so far I’m not off to a good start :/ ) and it’ll keep track of your bookly stats. You can also see how your other Goodreads friends are doing.

I had a few friends (*ahem* Jess) who managed to always be just a few books ahead of me. So I had an … interesting field day with that. BUT. I did manage to be one book ahead of my sister at one point. 😉

And I guess that it’s good that I’m competitive about reading … right?

2. I’ve Widened My Horizons.

With the recent addition of a Goodreads account combined with me following some new book bloggers and a booktuber, I’ve stumbled across some new books in their own respective genres that never would’ve crossed my mind to read (like The Martian – which was written FOR ME – or Between Shades of Gray – which gave me the extra push to go into WWII fictions), that I now adore.

Back in 2015, I was only reading fantasy books (with a few sci-fis thrown in…) mostly by the same author (*cough* Bryan Davis *cough*), and I think that I just never really knew how to find new books. But I’ve discovered books that I like like Six of Crows and The Maze Runner – neither of which I wouldn’t have read up until this year prior.

I would have never found out that contemporary could actually be okay. I rather enjoyed Twinepathy and Splintered. And I also now know that I can’t stand most classics … though I’m still going to read the original Sherlock Holmes.

3. I’ve Started Reviewing Books.

Of course I now have to, since I have a book blog (which I assume that you know this since you ARE reading this post right now…). But I never really thought about reviewing books since I got the ARC for Half-Blood (which actually kind of leads into the next item on my list, but more of that in a second).

I’ve found that I actually enjoy writing reviews, and I think that at least some of you actually like to read them??? *shrugs* I don’t know. If you don’t, I’ll just tie you up and drop you off on Jupiter. Solves my problem.

4. I Picked Up Some Review Copies … Which Means Less Pleasure Reading.

I mentioned an ARC for Half-Blood just up above (see point #3). That was my first ARC (actually, eARC, but you get the idea), and I’ve accumulated a decent bit since then – both electronic and physical.

6595891851_d5c472e9f5_bWhenever an indie author has a new book that is published, they shoot me an email asking if I’d like an eARC (since most of the time, I’ve already gotten an eARC from them before), and, of course, since I like their books, I agree to it. But I also am subscribed/signed-up for a few different publishing houses (like Bethany House, Thomas Nelson, etc.) and if I see a pretty cover, I impulsively request it.

Theeeeeen, of course, a ton of library books come in and I simultaneously decided to slaughter my TBRs on my bookshelf in half … and, of course, that pesky ARC comes in and I need to read it and shove aside some posts that I’m SO EXCITED to write, so that I can write that review. Though I only get a book once a month, or something.

But it’s not all that bad. It’s actually quite nice. 😉


An indie author is an author who self-publishes, or doesn’t go through a publishing house.

ARCs/eArcs are Advanced Reader’s Copies, and the “e” makes it an electronic book.

5. I Realized That I Read MUCH More On a School Day.

I already kind of knew this, but last year this kind of proved it: I read much more on a weekday/school day.giphy

Jess could stay in bed ALL DAY and read, so weekends work to her advantage. But me? I’m just a rotten grape, and get too antsy and can’t stay in bed for half an hour after I wake up, much less 17 hours.
And also, if I’m reading in-between school subjects, or after school but before pointe shoes, then I’m more likely to enjoy that reading time all that much more.

(Yes, yes I did spell pointe right.)

6. I’ve Enjoyed Our Local Library MUCH, MUCH More.

As some of you already knew, we moved last year. So we now go to TWO libraries (yes, I do feel uber rich now) since we still frequently go by where our old library is.

tumblr_nqrvf7ztfj1twbgpzo1_250But I’ve used the library much more, because I don’t have as much money to just buy books since I have to pay for other stuff, too (yes somehow my bookshelf practically tripled in size last year? Does that mean that it’s going to quadruple this year??????!!!!!!) and our new library, though much smaller, has AN AWESOME YA SECTION. Our old library didn’t have a YA section … so this is like heaven. 😉


So there you go, guys! My twenty-sixteen reading habits! What habits did you pick up? Did you do a yearly wrap-up post? And are any of you battle ferocious battles against sickness? Right now we’re cycling through all of the kids in our family… Please comment, and I’ll talk to you then!


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  1. Get well soon my chum!! (You & your family)
    I also read a lot on a weekday because I can’t seem to find time on weekends (which is weird because I literally do nothing) and reading before school always helps me get through the day a little better.

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