I accidentally hated a book ~ Review

So I technically didn't HATE this book ... it just made it sound more dramatic. 😉 And I had to get you to read it somehow, right??? Anyways. Today I'm reviewing the first book in the Unwind Dystology, which is Unwind. This is all written by Neal Shusterman. BTW, I'm writing this at, like, 1 something... Continue Reading →


Some Reading Habits That I Acquired in 2016

Mwhaahahahahhaha!! >:D I've managed to push off a wrap-up post this long! And - ha - it's not even a wrap-up! Okay, maybe sort of. But shush. Today I'm telling you these 6 little reading habits(ish) that I picked up in the year twenty-sixteen. 1. I Became a Little Really Competitive. Okay, so, I'm a competitive... Continue Reading →

The Martian ~ Review (FINALLY)

Haha, I have FINALLY done it! The review for Andy Weir's The Martian is finally up! Thanks, Simi, for the "gentle" reminder... Sorry for skipping my post last week! Our electricity was out, and by the time I had time to do it, it was already Thursday and too late... I hope that you guys... Continue Reading →

Mini Reviews

Hey-a guys! So today I thought that I'd do something very different. Today I'm doing three different mini reviews. They're all kind of random ... except that I hadn't reviewed these, and I read them last year. (Click on the covers for synopsises and purchase links and stuff.) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (#1... Continue Reading →

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