To Dog Ear, or to Not Dog Ear (and other controversial topics/bookworm problems)

Heeey guys!

Today I’m doing a post on common controversial bookworm topics  and common-ish bookworm problems (as the post said … duh). *hides* Please don’t kill me.

Sorry … I couldn’t help myself.

Please enjoy. And comment. And subscribe. And trade me your souls.
And I’m trying to branch out and do some more bookish posts, versus just reviews, since I just want to shake it up. 😉 Like maybe doing a review only every other week, and a different post in between?


Dog Earring and Bookmark Protocols.

Ahh, this is a very big one, indeed. Some bookworms consider it incredibly disrespectful (and not to mention, it’s murdering the book!) to dog ear the pages. Honestly I think that if it’s your book, then you should go for it. And if you do this, then DON’T WORRY. You’re dog-eared-book-e1359521530527just going to be held to a lower standard then the rest of the bookworm community. Just kidding. Maybe. >:D

But if you’re not going to make your book into a cute puppy dog (with a lot of ears), then my goodness gracious, how else would you mark your spot?? Well, let me tell ya. Just remember the page number (I’m a genius, aren’t I?). But Alyssa, I have the memory of a cucumber! you’re telling me. Then use library receipts. Even if it’s not a library book. Always keep the receipt. And use money. It’s quite nice, actually. Or you can make cute corner bookmarks like my sister (who just so happens to have just started a book blog… 😛 ).


The To-Be-Read Stack

95f6fed4fce7f737c68d67a7a45b5549Ahhhh. The dread TBR pile. All bookworms have a love/hate relationship with this beloved (yet murderous) stack.
A TBR is as described: books that you need to get to (Goodreads has made my little TBR stack turn from a cute little iguana into a monstrous komodo dragon. *shakes fist at Goodreads*). Warning: Do not snuggle with these rabid creatures.

Some strange lovely bookworms just go with the flow; not really caring about which books they read when/next. Those are just- Grr. I try, but I CAN’T.

Then the rest of us are all toppled over by our TBR stack that is the size of Jack’s beanstalk. My knowledge is sound.


The Romanc-y Stuff

Ahahahahahhhahahahahahhoaghahaglijfladgjsdlk. No.

No, I’m not talking about just your typical Love Triangles (ugh – unless it’s the Splintered trilogy). But just romance in general. I mean who doesn’t like a good love tumblr_o95cwytlgz1u0wn86o3_500interest? Apparently some people. (Hint: Me.)
Now, love interests are great, but can’t we have a book with just platonic friendships?? But romances can really stir up the plot in a good way (*nudges Resistance*), but also in a bad way (*nudges Storm Siren*).

And puh-lease stop making the adorkable best friend secretly in love with the MC!! I mean, COME. ON.



Ho ho, boy. (I’m actually going to do a post on this soon. Hopefully. Actually, scratch that. I said nothing.)

This is a loaded one.

Anybody remember this movie???

A lot of people nowadays are saying that YA books need to be more diverse, and we need tons of “different” people in it. While the other side of the spectrum says that we have too much in today’s YA.

I happen to fall in the middle, leaning towards the “no” side. I honestly feel like it’s getting to the point of being unrealistic.

But I do love seeing different people represented, though!


Hardcover vs. Paperback vs. E-book

*backs away slowly* *slowly enters again*

Books selling ratio.

This is arguably one of the most controversial bookworm questions that there is in the history of ever, so I’m just going to do a small pros&cons list for each, but I will say that my preferred order is: Paperback, Hardcover, E-book.


  • They’re more durable then other books.
  • They look gloriously awesome on shelves.
  • People seem to adore them??
  • It’s easy to unprettify them.
  • Can get really heavy on our puny arms.
  • They don’t have that satisfying bend to them.


  • They have that satisfying “stereotype” book feel.
  • You can brush the pages against your face.
  • They’re easier to hold while reading.
  • They can easily get damaged.
  • Their covers aren’t always as pretty as hardcovers.
  • They’re more subject to water damage somehow.


  • Gosh darn it, are they convenient.
  • You can’t destroy them!
  • You don’t have to pay so much money.
  • They hurt people’s pretty little heads.
  • Not every bookworm has a Kindle. #bookwormproblems
  • Lazy books more often then not get printed as an e-book vs print.


To Villain or to not Villain

Apparently everyone loves a good villain. But in what way?

In some cases, I love to root for the villain (especially if the “hero” is a stuck up, snotty spoiled, brat *looks at The Game*).

f25f45a1692effc61ec93f3aa067a5fbTake Loki (who isn’t actually from a book … but whatever) for example. The fangirls love him, yet he’s obviously evil. What even.

So bookworms are pretty split over this one. Frankly, villain or don’t, I don’t care.


The Darn Reviews

You know how there’s this awesome new book that you reallllly want to read?? But there’s a bunch of bad reviews?? Will you still read it? Or what if you want to read a book, but don’t want to read all of the two million reviews? Ahem. Not me at all. Then what??

Or what about when it comes to the time in a bookworm’s life, and they need to *gasp* falling_book_stackwrite a book review?? I know, the very thought is terrifying! Sitting down and taking time writing about books when you could be reading books.

What do I say? Read the books that look interesting, despite the negative reviews! And if you don’t want to read at least one of the reviews, then risk the chance of it being a horrible book! Again, not me at all.


Pressure Reading

Do you see those converse???

I am one of those who goes the opposite of anything popular. For everything. For as long as I can remember. (Except for Converse … those I adore. But I blame the fifties.)

But there are some of those who – yes, I’m looking at YOU – who read books because all of their friends are raving about it, even though you hate that genre.

What do you do then?

This is a toughie. But just do what you feel! (Though you may risk upsetting the other bookworms … and that’s a tricky business, there.)


But I Want to Watch Netflix…

Whaaaat?? Not me.

But there are those who feel this way sometimes. I know, traitors to the bookish cult. But nevertheless, it would be very hard to kick them all out.

Some people hate on those who do this/say this. But, well, it’s just a fact of life that we need to watch people blow each other up.57548582

I say, just let the Netflixers/phony bookworms be! They can all hide in the corner, rewatching all of the Sherlocks, desperately waiting for the next season! Sometimes, you just need to watch something where all of your favorite characters don’t die or leave. Oh, wait… #doctorwho #agentsofshield #sherlock


The Big One: How to Organize the Stack

Yay bookshelves, am I right?

So this is huge in the bookworm community (I mean, I think. I don’t socialize much): How to organize your bookshelf. By color? By genre? Publication date – newest to oldest? What Leona, 7, poses inside a labyrinth installation made up of 250,000 books titled "aMAZEme" at the Royal Festival Hall in central Londonis the right answer?

I honestly love how Cait organizes her books (by color). They’re all just drop dead gorgeous.

I really prefer to organize my bookshelf by color (I adore my green books section), or by author’s age (and then by the date that the first book in the series was published), or how they are now: one shelf my favorite books, the other everything else.

And also, how often should you rearrange your bookshelf? For probably 2 1/2 years I never even thought about rearranging them. And now, whenever I’m upset, it really calms me to organize them differently.

*shrugs* Results are inconclusive.

Gosh that took forever to write! So, do you have any to add to my list? Or any arguments to be had with me? Tell me in the comments below! Now, I’m going to die I mean, sleep now.


4 thoughts on “To Dog Ear, or to Not Dog Ear (and other controversial topics/bookworm problems)

Add yours

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love this post! So controversial! XD I can deeply relate with pretty much everything you said under number eight! *nods* And #sorrynotsorry for watching Netflix sometimes rather than reading. The shows are going to watch themselves (btw, HUGE fan of Flash)! I have always wanted to organize my books by color cause it looks the prettiest, but I tend to be OCD with somethings so I organize my books by height… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Jae!! I wrote this basically at midnight (and I’m a morning person), so I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out. 😉
      Yeah. When I first started watching Numb3rs (I feel so cool when writing it that way), there was NO reading or writing for me! 😉
      YAY FOR FLASH!!!
      I know, it was SUPER hard for me to organize my books by color, since I wanted all the series and their authors together. Now all my books are put on the shelf at random and backwards … you can thank my dad for that! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. To dog ear or not to dog ear? That is the question. Usually I dog ear, but when it’s a really pretty hardback that I don’t want to ruin, I stick in a bookmark. I have loads of random ones that I’ve made or got when I’ve ordered a book, or sometimes I use old tickets and such.
    I NEVER know how to arrange my bookshelf. I really want a new one because mine is WAY too small, but for now I’ve just put my favourites on the top and the rest on the bottom. I would arrange them by colour because it just looks beautiful, but hardly any of my books are solid colours 😦 most are just cheap, old paperbacks 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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