Happy National Author Day!!!

I was recently informed by my friend Simi that today is National Author Day. So, I figured 6ca7ba29c3d7608a03b7f84fc4642f28that I’d share some of my favorite authors and why I like them.

(I’ve also gotten Simi obessed with horizontal lines. She’s so welcome.)I’ve compiled a list of my favorite authors and their most popular books. Each author name leads to their site/blog (do comment on them! A lot of them are extremely nice!!), and I have lists of reviews I’ve done. Please check it all out!


Bryan Davis


(Dragons in Our Midst series: Raising DragonsThe CandlestoneCircles of Seven, and Tears of a Dragon), (Reapers Trilogy: Reapers, Beyond the Gateway), (Echoes From the Edge trilogy: Beyond the Reflection’s Edge, Eternity’s Edge, Nightmare’s Edge), I Know why the Angels Dance

Jaye L. Knight


({Molly Evangeline} The Makilien Trilogy: Truth), ({Jaye L. Knight} Illyon Chronicles: Half-Blood, Resistance, The King’s Scrolls, Samara’s Peril)

Tricia Mingerink


(The Blades of Acktar: DareDeny, Defy)

Nadine Brandes


(Out of Time Series: A Time to Die, A Time to Speak, A Time to Rise)

Heather Dixon

8428195   22840398

Entwined, Illusionarium

Rick Riordan


Some others:

J.K. Rowling

C.B. Cook

C.S. Lewis (who is, unfortunately, dead)

Shantelle Mary Hannu

And, yeah. Those are all my favorite authors. Please visit these amazing authors’ websites/blogs and read their books! Comment below on your favorite authors and if you could do ANYTHING in the world, what you would do!


4 thoughts on “Happy National Author Day!!!

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  1. Yaaaas, I love Rick Riordan too!! He’s like one of my top-most-read-authors too which is so awesome. I think I’ve read 14 books by him?!? AND I JUST WANT TO READ MORE. *flails* I also loved CS Lewis’ Narnia books, but I only ever read them and none of his adult ones. *glares at ominous TBR* Someday I will?? hehe.😜 Some of my top favourite authors are Maggie Stiefvater, VE Schwab, Cassandra Clare, and Leigh Bardugo!!

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    1. YES. I’ve read all ‘cept the Kane Chronicles and some crossovers and stuff. (And The Hammer of Thor…) I NEED MORE.
      Same! I’ve read all the Narnia books COUNTLESS times, yet never the adult ones??? Earlier this year I was going to read one of his adult books, but as soon as I went to my mom’s bookshelf, she was packing it up. Apparently it’s the first thing that you pack when you move. (What EVEN?!?!)
      LEIGH BARDUGO!!! I just finished Crooked Kingdoms and OMGOODNESS. *dies*


  2. Uncle Rick… 🙂
    If I could do anything in the world I would… fly, find the cure to cancer, stop isis and hopefully introduce them to God, read all the books in the world (the interesting ones, mind you 😉 ) and eat brownies and sausages for eternity without putting on weight 😀

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