8 Books to Movies that I Actually Liked

So far, I’m keeping up with me reviewing a book every other week, and posting a bookish post in between. Yay me.

Anyways. Peoples. Today I am opening myself up to you and admitting my flaws (yes, I do actually have some). Please don’t kill me for it. Continue reading “8 Books to Movies that I Actually Liked”


To Dog Ear, or to Not Dog Ear (and other controversial topics/bookworm problems)

Heeey guys!

Today I’m doing a post on common controversial bookworm topics  and common-ish bookworm problems (as the post said … duh). *hides* Please don’t kill me.

Sorry … I couldn’t help myself.

Please enjoy. And comment. And subscribe. And trade me your souls.
And I’m trying to branch out and do some more bookish posts, versus just reviews, since I just want to shake it up. 😉 Like maybe doing a review only every other week, and a different post in between? Continue reading “To Dog Ear, or to Not Dog Ear (and other controversial topics/bookworm problems)”

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