8 Books to Movies that I Actually Liked

So far, I'm keeping up with me reviewing a book every other week, and posting a bookish post in between. Yay me. Anyways. Peoples. Today I am opening myself up to you and admitting my flaws (yes, I do actually have some). Please don't kill me for it. 1. The Narnias So I grew up... Continue Reading →


Unblemished ~ Sara Ella

Heya, friends! So I finally got to read this book. And I finally am getting to read this! So, yay! But what is this book, you ask? Well, I shall provide the answers. It is Unblemished by Sara Ella (it's book one in the Unblemished trilogy). Eliyana has always recoiled from her own reflection in the mirror.... Continue Reading →

Crannig Castle – Blog Tour

Hey everyone! So sorry for the later(er) post! Anyways, Today I'm part of the blog tour for Morgan Huneke's newest book, Crannig Castle (the third and final book in the Time Captives series). I'm reviewing it, and I hope that you enjoy it! (P.S. Don't forget to read everyone else's posts!) God, please look after... Continue Reading →

Happy National Author Day!!!

I was recently informed by my friend Simi that today is National Author Day. So, I figured that I'd share some of my favorite authors and why I like them. (I've also gotten Simi obessed with horizontal lines. She's so welcome.)I've compiled a list of my favorite authors and their most popular books. Each author... Continue Reading →

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