Beyond the Gateway – Bryan Davis

Heya guys!

I FINALLY got to read this book a few weeks back (I’d bought it sometime late winter, I think), and now I’m reviewing it!

The book is called Beyond the Gateway (bk 2 in the Reapers Trilogy) by Bryan Davis.

28288592Beyond the Gateway is book #2 in The Reapers Trilogy. Reapers collect the souls of the dead, including wayward ghosts who wander the city streets, and transport them to the eternal Gateway, believing they are going to a better place. But are they?Phoenix and Shanghai find a holographic recording left behind by a fellow Reaper who was recently executed. The message leads them on a journey to learn the answer to a crucial question: Does the Gatekeeper, the tyrannical ruler of the world, consume energy from souls in order to maintain power and live for centuries? If so, Reapers have betrayed every soul they have ever collected and delivered them to eternal torture.

What I Thought:

I honestly liked the first book better. Yes, this one solved SO MANY mysteries of the first (while adding to the ginormous stack). But, it didn’t captivate me quite so much as the first one.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still awesome! But, yeah. Not as much as the first.


If some of you remember, in my review for the first book I said that I didn’t really care for either Sing or Shanghai (or maybe I didn’t. I don’t know. But anyways, I mean it.), so in this book, it’s the same. Except, Sing’s only in a little bit, and it’s mostly Shanghai.

Phoenix is still as sweet and oblivious as ever.

And Alex. Ooooh, Alex. She’s one of those characters that you love to hate. She’s just so … infuriating.

My friend and I also came up with #LetPhoenixBeSingle so spread the word, guys! 😛


Mr. Davis’s writing is the same as always. Though as I’ve read more and more books and different authors, I’ve realized that his writing is a bit more dense than what I remembered, but it’s still great!

I kinda was getting tired of the book part way through … maybe ’cause I wanted to finish the book before said friend. Or maybe it just dragged.


As I said, I didn’t really care for Shanghai (that’s an understatement), Phoenix is a little too good, and – in a good-ish way – Alex is ever so annoying.

The book was dragging at various points of the book.

At some points, I wish that there were more of an explanation.


In the first book, there were just some nods to Christianity and a God, whereas in this one, it’s definitely a big part of it.

There’s some MINOR suggestive stuff, but since it is Bryan Davis, it was very minor.

I’d definitely recommend this series to Christian dystopian lovers of the mid-upper teens age range.

Four Stars ∗∗∗∗

Guys, I’ve run out of questions. So if anyone has any suggestions, let me know in the comments! I guess that we must just talk down there like *shudders* normal people…

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  1. Eew, normal people…
    Some villains are actually really lovable because they’re so creepy but behind it all they’re just a good person doing bad things. Or I just hate them because they are plain evil and torture my favourite characters for no reason.
    I just realised that Alex might not actually be the villain – but I’m just saying this stuff anyway… 😉

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