The Invoice – Jonas Karlsson

Hey guys! So, it’s late (again), so I’m just hurrying and writing this. With out rereading it (yes, I usually do that). Oops.


Oh, the book is The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson.

27245980Hilarious, profound, and achingly true-to-life, Jonas Karlsson’s novel explores the true nature of happiness through the eyes of hero you won’t soon forget

A passionate film buff, our hero’s life revolves around his part-time job at a video store, the company of a few precious friends, and a daily routine that more often than not concludes with pizza and movie in his treasured small space in Stockholm. When he receives an astronomical invoice from a random national bureaucratic agency, everything will tumble into madness as he calls the hotline night and day to find out why he is the recipient of the largest bill in the entire country.

What is the price of a cherished memory? How much would you pay for a beautiful summer day? How will our carefree idealist, who is content with so little and has no chance of paying it back, find a way out of this mess? All these questions pull you throughThe Invoice and prove once again that Jonas Karlsson is simply a master of entertaining, intelligent, and life-affirming work.

The Good:

Okaaay. This was an “adult” book. And it was suppose to be funny. Honestly, I didn’t find it that funny. Maybe it’s just that I’m not an adult. Maybe the humor got lost in translation. I don’t know. But list time!

  • At the beginning, it was kinda quite relate-able.
  • The idea was quite interesting: Being required to pay to live.

The Bad:

  • Honestly? It was kinda boring.
  • It was translated from Swedish so I was hoping for something funny that was mistaken in the translation. *sigh* Unfortunately, no.
  • I really thought that Maud was in her fifties. Apparently she’s mid/upper twenties. Oops.
  • The whole book, I didn’t even (and still don’t) know the MC’s name.
  • Also, the MC wasn’t very relate-able. His whole life was perfect.
  • I felt that 175 of the pages were just of MC taking to Maud on the phone.
  • And there was no pizza.

So, this book didn’t (unfortunately) cut if for me. If you’re an adult and you like books translated from Swedish, than go for it! Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t rec. this one.

Romance: Mentions of people sleeping together (boo!), and holding hands.

Language: S***, I think B******, D***, H***, and God/Jesus/Christ used in vain.

So, that’s about it!

Two Stars ∗∗

Thank you, Blogging For Books! All opinions (whatever thy my choose), are thy own.

Do you guys have any books that you were excited to read, but utterly destroyed what you’d hoped? Tell me in the comments below! 🙂

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