Remember to Forget – Ashley Royer

Hey guys! So, another re-post of a review that I've done on my other blog ... but guys, I'm so tired, and the next review that I'm doing is gonna be kinda hard to do... Anyways, so, this is Remember to Forget by Ashley Royer. Thanks for reading! 🙂 In Remember to Forget from Watty... Continue Reading →


Beyond the Gateway – Bryan Davis

Heya guys! I FINALLY got to read this book a few weeks back (I'd bought it sometime late winter, I think), and now I'm reviewing it! The book is called Beyond the Gateway (bk 2 in the Reapers Trilogy) by Bryan Davis. Beyond the Gateway is book #2 in The Reapers Trilogy. Reapers collect the... Continue Reading →

The Invoice – Jonas Karlsson

Hey guys! So, it's late (again), so I'm just hurrying and writing this. With out rereading it (yes, I usually do that). Oops. Enjoy! Oh, the book is The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson. Hilarious, profound, and achingly true-to-life, Jonas Karlsson’s novel explores the true nature of happiness through the eyes of hero you won’t soon forget A... Continue Reading →

Siren’s Song

A quick review! The last in the Storm Siren trilogy: Siren's Song by Mary Weber. (Books 1 and 2.) Nym and Draewulf prepare to face off in a battle destined to destroy more lives than it saves. With the loss of Tulla still fresh in mind, Rasha’s fate unknown, and Lord Myles taken over by... Continue Reading →

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