One Novella To Rule Them All (Paralyzed Dreams – C.B. Cook)

So, this isn’t Lord of the Rings (unfortunately I have yet to read past the 1st book…), but Paralyzed Dreams by C.B. Cook – who I know is obsessed with LotR. Hence the post title and LotR pictures. 😉

(Also, something cool about this book is that C.B. wrote it for her mom’s birthday, since her mom use to love playing volleyball. 🙂 )

25024553This is a novella.

She lost everything she’d ever dreamed of.

Fourteen-year-old Pam Wilson’s life is going perfectly. She and her best friend, Lauren, are becoming an amazing volleyball duo, and her dreams of playing in the Olympics are coming along wonderfully. Then a car accident paralyzes Pam from the waist down, and her dreams for her life are shattered. No more volleyball, no more walking, no more future. The only thing she has left is her faith in God… if she would only turn there.

What I thought:

This is only, like, 50 pages (eek!!), but called me impressed!

84e660c638da41876996859761f634a5So, I’m kinda friends with C.B. on the internet and stuff, and I really like her, and it took me FOREVER to read one of her books (I ended up being a beta-reader for one of my now favorite books!), and I felt bad about that. So … I finally got around to buying and reading this! Go me!

I’m usually not one for contemporaries (and novellas, and that!), but I really enjoyed this!

Something that I loved is the ending. Usually contemporaries tend to have picture-perfect endings (at least, in my experience), but this one didn’t! Well, not to spoil stuff, but Pam’s kinda paralyzed…

This novella really focuses on trusting in God and support from framily (friends + family … totally a word).


I didn’t think that I’d like Pam … but I actually did! Sure, she was a bit of a jerk … but her dreams had just been destroyed and her whole way of doing life had changed! I guess … that I could just connect with her.57ce50fe43f626d939d34e4e3acc7848

Really, there weren’t a whole bunch of other characters.

Oh, there were her parents! They were handing it pretty well, you know, considering….


Since I’ve read (and loved!!!!!!!!!) C.B.’s most recent book, Twinepathy, I wasn’t sure how the writing would be, since this was written a couple of years ago and whatever.

But I was impressed! Sure, her writing’s definitely improved since this novella, but it wasn’t bad at all!


It was short (boo!).

8c207dde88e75bc9cae1e8b2f9423409There wasn’t a whole lot of the other characters … not that I really minded.

The writing could’ve improved a bit (though maybe I’m just used to her now-gorgeous writing…).


In all, I really enjoyed this book and C.B. is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!

Violence: A brief car crash.

Otherwise, it’s completely clean!

Four Stars ∗∗∗∗


b02b2e639c149eb7efea4f411493e751Hey guys! Guess what???? TODAY IS MY 1ST BLOGIVERSARY!!! YAY!!! Now … I’m not one of those cool people who have a giveaway or contest or anything planned out… But I can give you virtual cheesecake and my digital love. 😉

And please check out some of my previous reviews! I’ve painstakingly made a page for all of them that is actually (quiet a feat for me) organized. I’ve spent quite a lot of time and would appreciate if at least some of you checked it out!

2015-07-29-1438194128-3791769-national_cheesecake_dayThanks so much all of you followers and readers! You guys (especially those of you who comment … Simi (35), Cait (13), and Kellyn (7), and me (102) … extra cheesecake to you) make it all worth it! Well, that and the books. Books are good.

Do you all like to read novellas? I don’t usually, I much prefer 400+ paged books … but the occasional one (like this book!) is quite nice! Does anyone have a short novel/novella for me to try? Do you love cheesecake? (It’s the only type of cake that I like … and I also hate cheese. 😉 ) Like always, please comment! 😀

7 thoughts on “One Novella To Rule Them All (Paralyzed Dreams – C.B. Cook)

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    I don’t really read novellas either, probably because they seem harder to really get into because they’re quite short.
    And um is that an avatar: the last air bender reference right there?!! *starts freaking out* Do you watch it too?

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        1. Same! It is AMAZING!!!
          I really like Sokka, Zuko, and Azula (yours are my younger brother’s favorites)!
          Also, Mai is my personality type, so I really ship her and Zuko, since it’s the closest that I can get to be with Zuko. 😉

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            1. Ahhh. My brother and I were never quite fond of Katara…. (Though I liked her in the first season.) My sister likes her, but none of us ship Zuko and Katara.
              Sokka!!! and!!! Suki!!!! *dies* THEY’RE SO ADORABLE!!!
              Once we finish the show ( 😥 ) We’re gonna try to get our dad to watch it with us. Pretty sure he’ll like it…

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