Sparrow: Mandy Fender

I’m back this week, with the second book in the Defier series by Mandy Fender (you can find my first review //here//)!

And let me tell ya, if you read this book, prepare for an emotional roller-coaster!


The fight has only just begun…

Lennox Winters is guilty. She stood in defiance against the Regime when no one else would. Now, she must train to become a Sparrow and fight for what she believes.
When the war breaks out in her hometown, she is forced to decide whether she will obey orders or rebel against the authority she respects. Either way, she must protect those she loves most, no matter the dangers.

As she navigates new territory with her loyal best friend, she’ll risk her life, and even her soul, for victory.

In war, sacrifice is inevitable.

Is her faith enough to get her through the fire?

What I thought:

So …

I200_s had read reviews from some of my friends on this book … and they were an emotional wreck. Me, being cold hearted and lover of sadness and #evilauthors, was thinking that the “feels” wouldn’t hit me. Well, I was partially right. I was TERRIBLY sad at certain moments … and I DEFINITELY want the next book … but I wasn’t killed, I’ll put it that way. 😉

I certainly like this book more then the first!



I don’t feel like there was much of a character arc for Lennox … she was pretty much the same as in the first book – so I had the same feelings for her as I did then.

SKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! ❤ ❤ Whaaaat??? Something bad happens to him, you say? NEVER. I have absolutely no idea as to what you speak of.

More Oliver! Yay! 😀

Easton … yeah, I don’t really care for her, even though I REALLY WANT TO!! :/


I must say! Mandy’s writing has improved since the first book! (Not that her writing was ever bad…)

If you asked me to define the plot … I’m not sure if I could. It may be that I only really read this book at night when I was super tired (er, 8:30 – 9 … p.m.), but, yeah. There were a few different things woven in together that AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *growls* Prowlers. Ahab. >:)


As with the first book, I felt that this could’ve been drawn out waaaaay longer and that this book moved a little too quickly…


I’d recommend this book, as well as the first! (Well, I’d recommend the first book first…)

This one has bullet wounds/gun shootings, prowlers (creatures that get into your head to control you), explosions, mutations (using science … stuff to change you into prowlers), that kind of stuff.

No romance other then a tiny bit of attraction. YAY!

Four Stars ∗∗∗∗


For today’s question, it’ll be: What kind of series finales do you like? The Happily Ever After; The Mass Deaths of Everything of Ever; The Open Ender Because Who Needs Closure?; The Stress Fest; The Runaways to a New Series. (All of these were taken from PaperFury, and she has an awesome series-ender test, so check it out and tell me your results!) I’m a Stress Fest! (Though, I feel that Open Enders are closely second…) Comment below! 😀

8 thoughts on “Sparrow: Mandy Fender

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  1. EEEEEEEE!!!! I was so excited to read this review and I am thrilled that you liked it and glad you noticed I honed my craft a little more ;). I hope to improve even more with the 3rd book and leave you with an epic conclusion. ***BIG HUG***

    Thanks again!!! And I will have to take the quiz to see what I am! <3!!!!

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  2. #evilauthors all the way! *cackles evily* 😉
    I haven’t taken the test but I like endings where people die but it’s still sorta happy and it’s NOT LEFT ON A CLIFFHANGER AT THE VERY END OF THE SERIES, naming no names… *cough* Lemony Snicket…

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