My First Read of Miss Mandy Fender

Defier: The Girl Who Stood. Defier #1. Mandy Fender. Review. Awesomeness.

25987793A Young Adult novel inspired by Christian bravery. When her faith makes her a target, Lennox Winters must leave everything she knows behind, and face the harsh truth of what her world has become. The raised scar on her chest reminds her she still has a purpose, but is her purpose worth the sacrifice? With a new Regime taking over America and imprisoning Christians, she must decide what is worth fighting for. They said her faith would be the death of her, but her faith made her alive. It is only when she has nothing else to lose that she discovers who she really is. Back Cover: In a world at war, one girl’s faith makes her a soldier… Seventeen-year-old Lennox Winters is no stranger to loss. She’s lost her parents, her home, and is in constant danger of losing herself. As she struggles with what to believe she encounters Christ in a way that she cannot ignore. Kept alive by her newfound faith and accompanied by her loyal best friend, Lennox bravely emerges into a world at war on a quest for the truth. Only after Lennox has journeyed through perilous territory, eluded biologically altered predators, and overcomes the most intense of challenges does the real work begin.

What I thought:

Whoa. That. Was. Long.

Hey, peoples!

This is a Christian dystopian that I got a chance to read, and I definitely don’t regret it!


Okaaaay. The romance.

So, there really isn’t much, but when there was, Lennox said to herself that she’d much rather stay best-friend status with her friend whom she likes, then ruin it by saying that she liked him. And, I don’t know. Just how it was said made me so happy! 😀


Lennox: Oh the awesomeness of her name!! Also the narrator of this story. Our heroine, if you will. She was pretty cool. At times, yes, she did annoy me. But overall, I really did enjoy her!

Sky: The best friend and the side MC. Love interest (yes, he’s a dude). Coolness. He can always keep a cool head and is pretty awesome.

Oliver: AWW!! *squeals* He’s- He’s just- Just… Yeah. Can I please trade Trevor for him?? (Though, just to clarify, my elder sister was not a fan of this idea … but she needn’t know, right?) He’s Lennox’s twenty-year-old brother and he’s great, even though he’s not in it a bunch!

All the Others: Other then the ones mentioned (…except Kira….) above, not many people had much development or were in it a whole bunch.


For my taste, the plot moved a bit too quickly. The whole thing could’ve been drawn out a bit more.

And the writing was pretty good, though there were some parts that could’ve been improved… But who really cares about that, anyways, right? 😛


The aforementioned problems in the previous section are cropping up here (quite a few fun words in that sentence, eh?). Why don’t I (we? You? What is it?) make it in list form?

(Bulleted List. Yes, I’m getting fancy. 😉 )

  • The plot – or whole book, rather – moved pretty quickly. A bit too quickly.
  • At some points the writing could’ve improved a smudgen.
  • I found some (or a lot) of the things walks-like-a-grandmotherunrealistic. Like, really unrealistic.

Yada, yada, yada (Yoda????). Just some stuff like that … but why would you want to know, it’s not like you’re reading this to decide if you want to read the book, right?


This is a pretty clean book (and no, just because it’s Christian, it doesn’t necessarily mean that). There’s some “branding” of people – burning or “marking” by using a cattle brand. Actually, I don’t even know why I put that in parentheses… Some quick deaths by shootings. A terrorist bombing (I actually don’t know why I didn’t remember that one ’til now). Fights. The norm.

There’s attraction, but not much romance. Though I am kinda rooting for the two. 🙂

Four Stars ∗∗∗∗


Thanks, Mandy, for the review copy!

Hello everyone! Er, well, goodbye, rather! So … what would something EXTREMELY difficult for you to do be? Mine, well, I’d have to think on it… Comment below!!


8 thoughts on “My First Read of Miss Mandy Fender

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  1. That sounds like an interesting book! I’ve never read Christian dystopian … I should. Adding it to my to-read on Goodreads, though goodness knows how long it’ll take me to get to it … I am sooo behind on reading! And even farther behind on reviewing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really? Christian dystopians are pretty cool (though, out of all the Christian genres, it usually is the preachiest). Yay! But those TBRs can overtake a person….
      (If you do end up liking this genre, then the OUT OF TIME and REAPERS trilogies are good Christian dystopians… Just to add to your TBR. 😉 )

      Liked by 1 person

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