Another Blog Tour! (and it’s awesome!)

Hey everyone! Guess what?! It's¬†another blog tour! ūüėõ Anyways, this is the third book in¬†The Blades of Acktar¬†by Tricia Mingerink (tied for my favorite author!!!!!!!!):¬†Defy. The first two reviews for the first two books in the series are here: click for book one // click for book two. And click¬†here¬†for the rest of the tour!... Continue Reading →



Hello! Shocked to see me? *basks in your awestruck wonder* Ahem. Anyways. Yes, I know that I just posted yesterday, BUT silly me messed up with, um, something and got a little ahead of myself and didn't check the dates. So, I am now posting today. And there will be nothing this coming Tues. Okay?... Continue Reading →

Review- And interview- And giveaway- Basically awesomeness!!! (Don’t skip this post, in other words. Just. don’t.)

And bringing up the end to our four weeks of¬†Ilyon ( ūüė• ), is book 3 in the¬†Ilyon Chronicles¬†by Jaye L. Knight:¬†Samara's Peril! This is gonna be a longer post, because I am lucky enough to be apart of the blog tour, so there's blog tour stuff, along with .............................. AN INTEREVIEW WITH JAYE!!! Yay!... Continue Reading →

The King’s Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight

Peoples, we're OVER HALF WAY DONE WITH THE FOUR WEEKS OF ILYON. Ah! Ahem. Today is book 2 in the¬†Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight, and it's called¬†The King's Scrolls. Now, let's cut the suspense and get on with it, shall we?? ūüėÄ (Oh, and, you can find my reviews for book 1 and 1.5... Continue Reading →

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