Half person, half ryrik (and if you want to know what that is, you’re gonna have to read the book)

So … I’ve been rereading one of my favorite series EVER, and, of course, I’m doing reviews for them. All in a row. For the next four weeks. And on the last one … I’ve got a surprise for you!!

Starting the four weeks of awesomeness off, is Half-Blood by Jaye L. Knight, book 1.5 (though it takes place before the others, and sort of overlaps). Oh, and, I guess that I should tell you, the series is the Ilyon Chronicles, a Christian fantasy series that is THE BEST.

25740919 The gasps and murmuring grew. Though some were hardly more than whispers, clear words reached Jace’s ears—dangerous, monster, animal, soulless. He tried to back away from their accusing eyes, but the collar pulled hard against his throat and held him in place.

For all his years as a slave, Jace has known nothing but the hatred people hold for his mixed blood—one half human, the other half the blood of a race considered monsters. Always, he is the outsider and quickly learns it is better to keep to himself. Yet, when his volatile ryrik blood leads him to do the unthinkable, he is thrown into a world of violence and bloodshed.

Forced to become a gladiator, Jace finds more and more of his heart dying as his master works to break down his will not to become the monster everyone believes he is. When a stranger interferes with his master’s harsh punishment, Jace’s world is upended yet again. But with it comes the possibility of hope that has long since died. Could the man possibly hold the key to escaping the hopeless darkness that is Jace’s life? Is there such a thing as life beyond the cruelty of slavery?

See where Jace’s story all began . . .

What I thought:

Let’s see if I can make this review not all just squeals and SPOILERS, and actually a readable review.

Can I say, I NEARLY CRIED AT THIS BOOK?! Okay, so I didn’t actually cry, but I felt like I should be. It was really sad and depressing, but at the end there is a glimmer of hope, and it is so BEAUTIFUL.

And Jace. Oooh, I wish he were real! So. badly. He is just so amazing!


This plot. This. plot. Oh, why, Jaye? She tore my heart into a million pieces. A million. It was so good, and sad, and hopeful, and torturous, and, and, and, yeah.

Jaye’s writing is amazing! I only found a few writing flaws, and (as is required to be one of my favorite authors) I love her writing style! It really tugs at you and keeps you engaged and the such.


Jace is the MC, and, may I say, HE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOK CHARACTERS. Ever. He’s such a tortured little soul, and it is so sad, but his character is brilliant!

Then you have Rayad, Kalli, and Aldor. These are the first nice people that Jace meets, and they are so amazing towards him!

Jasper and Zar are both so mean to Jace to the point of nearly making me cry super mean. It’s not even fair.


So … here we are. I guess that I should say something.


Jaye is mean! She had to torture Jace right. in. front. of. me.

😛 Haha, okay, seriously. There were only a couple (literally) writing mistakes, but that was it, there. And some of the villains felt a little cliche, but honestly, not too bad (and not just because it’s my favorite book).


May I say something real quick?

Despite taking place before book 1, DO NOT, MAY I REPEAT, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK FIRST.

Sorry to scare you all like that, but, though story-wise you don’t need to read the others, CHARACTER-WISE you do. This is a kinda depressing book, and it makes it even more so after reading book 1, and then you get a glimmer of hope, as well. So, just keep that in mind.

Things this book contains violence-wise: Beatings; gladiator fights; depressingness (totally a word); fist-fights; murder. Though nothing is too describe, so that’s good.

Romance-wise: Romance free!

Language-wise: Nothing!

Recommending this wise, I TOTALLY do! But, this book is a little depressing, so maybe teenagers? It’s not all ultra-detailed or the such, but still. So, yes, teens sounds good.

Four Stars ∗∗∗∗∗


Has anyone ever read this book/series??? If you have, tell me about it in the comments! I love them sooo much, and would love to talk to you who do, as well! But if not, you definitely need to read it! And tell me this, does this series interest you (’cause it should!)?

8 thoughts on “Half person, half ryrik (and if you want to know what that is, you’re gonna have to read the book)

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  1. I haven’t read them. *hangs head in shame* But the coer is super cool aaaand it sounds exciting. Also I’m totally intrigued by the fact there’s no romance. ;D YAY. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love to ship a good shippy ship, but I also like books that skip it once in a while. HEHE. ANYWAY. ! YAY FOR TORTUROUS AUTHORS! I mean,….wait. Shame on them. *nods emphatically*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shame on you, Cait!
      There’s NO romance!! 😀 In the next books there IS a friendship (that, nothing more) that you can’t help but ship, ’cause they’re two very introverted people who are awkward. #amazingness
      Thanks for commenting!


    2. No romance in this one… but I CAN SENSE THE RELATIONSHIPS THAT ARE GOING TO GET DEEPER IN LATER BOOKS. I’m tellin’ ya. Jace and Kyrin are so shippable, and I will die if there isn’t at least a LITTLE romance for them. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THESE BOOKS TO DEATH. TO. DEATH. I love them so much that I don’t know what to do other then pray, “God, please, PLEASE let me find a magical wardrobe that lets me into Ilyon, PLEASE.” 😉


    Yeah, I love these books. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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