Don’t take the- She took the red Bible.

Hello everyone! Let’s get right into it, shall we? Today is a Christian dystopian called Counted Worthy by Leah E. Good.

Leah E Good - Counted Worthy

Heather Stone lives in fear of repeating the past, yet she continues doing the one thing that could trigger another disaster. When the police trace an illegal Bible to her house, Heather’s world begins to crumble.
Her father’s life hangs in the balance. No one with the power to help knows or cares. If she tries to save him, she could lead her friends to their deaths. If she does nothing, her father’s fate is certain. Can she evade a hostile police force and win public sympathy before it’s too late?


What I thought:

I was pretty excited for this book but … I just didn’t really get into it. Like, it was good, but I dunno.

So, this was a good Christian dystopian and all. It’s got action and some pretty good lessons packed into it, and Leah did an awesome job with the writing!

But, despite the good writing, I just didn’t connect well with it. *shrugs*


I was actually surprised by Miss Leah’s writing. Especially for being so young and this being her debut. And since she’s an indie author, sometimes things slip through that editors would usually catch. But, I actually didn’t find all that much in it!


Sorry guys, but I didn’t like Miss Lucy. Honestly, I just found her annoying or something. I’m not sure if it was that she was a stereotype, or a little cliche or something, but I just wasn’t a fan.

I liked Heather. I mean, she wasn’t my favorite POV I’ve read, but all in all, she was pretty good. She had great character development, and it was cool to see her journey. Though she was kind of naive, and annoying at times.

Bryce was a nice character, and it was kinda obvious that he liked Heather. I didn’t quite click with him, but overall, he was sweet and kind of rounded Heather out.


There are other characters in this book, but you never quite get to know them. It’s obvious that they are quite close to Heather, still it was hard to like them.

I felt that it moved along too quickly, and I could guess everything that happened.

Also, Heather seemed like an unpredictable character. Like, one moment she was all Miss Cool and Calm, then the next she was storming all over the place. She just wasn’t consistent.


So, this book wasn’t quite for me, though a lot of my GR friends liked it, so it’s quite possible that you’ll like it too!

So, if you like Christian-y dystopians, this might be for you! I think that even pre-teens would enjoy this book.

Two Stars ∗∗


Do you all like Christian dystopians? If so, this might be for you! And, can I have a round of applause for indie authors? Come on, do it louder! 😀 Thanks for stopping by, and leave a comment telling me your favorite genre!


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