She’s a siren, and she’s furious!

Holla, mine own minons! How doth thee doth? This is a comical language, is't not? I shalt taketh ov'r the w'rld and ruleth all of thee! The present day's booketh is the second one in The St'rm Siren Trilogy by Mary Web'r, and t is Siren's Fury. And I has't eke did review the first... Continue Reading →


A Cold Enemy Rises from a Long Sleep

Hello, my minions!! (Man, I really need to find a new way to start a post, other then saying hello in multiple ways/languages) Today I am reviewing Xsardis, the final book in the Chronicles of Xsardis, by Jessie Mae Hodsdon. (You can find my first two reviews here: Issym and here: Asandra.)    Neither defeating a dragon... Continue Reading →

It ’tis life!! (but … not good??)

Today's book is a virtual reality book called The Game (bk 1 in The Game is Life) by Terry Schott. Oh, and, hi!!   The Game... A virtual reality simulation played by over a billion children around the world. The best players are celebrities, adored and worshiped by countless fans. Zack is a superstar among players. His... Continue Reading →

She’s currrrrsed!!!!

Heeeeeyyyy, guys!! So, back to the reviews. BUT! This is another blog tour! Yay!! I'm apart of the blog tour for Claire Banschbach's newest book: Adela's Curse (bk 1 in The Faeries of Myrnius). Enjoy! 😀 PS Make sure to check out the rest of the tour! Here's the link: Adela's Curse Blog Tour.  A curse. A murderous scheme. A... Continue Reading →

I have a surprise for you!!

Hello, friends! So in case none of you could guess (which I think is just about everybody), I have a surprise to tell you!! What might it be?? you ask. Well, THERE'S NO REVIEW TODAY!!! Haha, you heard me right! I'm CRAAZY!! But seriously, instead, it's an INTERVIEW!!! *cue singing angels* Yes, a break from reviews is... Continue Reading →

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