You’ll Find that Imagination is not a Safe Plaything

Hey peoples (or not peoples…?)! So, how ’bout that? Imagination isn’t safe?? Well, it may not be….

But back to the review!! I’m doing Asandra (bk 2 in the Xsardis Chronicles). And this book is by Jessie Mae Hodsdon, a fellow homeschooled (graduate) author.

(You can find my review for the first book here: Issym)


Jessie Mae Hodsdon - Asandra For years the devious shape shifter Sasha has lurked in the shadows, plotting to conquer medieval Xsardis with extreme patience. Her plans were almost ruined when the teenagers who imagined Xsardis rescued the continent of Issym, but she kept them in the dark about her true plans and convinced them that she was dead.

Absorbed once more in their lives on Earth, Seth and Rachel have no idea that the sister continent of Asandra now lays captive to Sasha. Its royal family is in hiding and in desperation they call Xsardis’ imaginers back. But the consequences of this battle may be more severe than they could have imagined and the task is far greater:
This time, Xsardis does not wish to be saved.

You taught yourself to fight with bow, sword and fists. Now let God teach you to pray.

What I thought:

Well, I remembered that I liked this one better then the first, so I was excited to reread this.

Jessie’s writing had definitely improved since her first book, Issym, (though some of the same problems persisted, and some new ones surfaced).

Since Asandra is Rachel’s imagination, it is filled with many of her creations. I loved the illuminescents, the rainbow falls, sprites, and Firil, of course. 🙂

So I definitely liked this book better then the first!


Even though I really enjoyed the plot, the writing still bugged me. It had all my pet peeves as a reader/writer, and it just annoyed me.

And I still felt like when they were telling people the Word of God, it was preachy and unrealistic.

But I still enjoyed the book! 🙂


I liked Seth and Rachel better in this better then in the first book, but I liked Max just the same! 😉

I also really enjoyed Evan and Katarina. The two sorted reminded me of my sister and myself (me Kat, her Evan)!

And, I didn’t care so much for Bridget. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t.

BUT I also liked Sasha. And, in case you didn’t know, my favorite characters are often the bad guys. 😛


The writing problem again. There were grammar/spelling mistakes, punctuation, head-hopping, and the same listed in the prior book. Though some of them aren’t as major as the first book.

And the ministering sounded pretty rehearsed and unnatural.


Though I liked this book more then the first, this still wasn’t my favorite book. And like Issym, I would recommend this book (though mostly for MG or younger).

There is violence, but it’s not descriptive at all. And this whole series has NO romance. Like, at all.

Also … THERE IS A CLIFF-HANGER ENDING!!! So, maybe it wasn’t the biggest cliff-hanger ending, but it sure felt like it to my eleven-year-old mind.

Three stars ∗∗∗

So, what’d you think? Is imagination not safe? Tell me below!! Can’t wait for your comments! 🙂


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