Am I a Witness?? Apparently Not…

Good morning!! (Or evening, or I guess whatever it is when you read this…)

The book I’m reviewing is Amazing Honesty by fellow blogger/author/homeschooler, Rosey Mucklestone!! (You can find her awesome blog here.)

Rosemary Mucklestone - Amazing Honesty Never before has Robin Rafferty had such severe consequences for coming home late from school. She has a run in with a robber on the way back home and comes back the next day, thinking she’ll be a valuable witness. Apparently not. Accused as the robber herself, she runs to seek refuge in the neighboring Indian village. But there is someone there who would sooner kill her than let her into the tribe. Will she be accepted into the tribe? And will she find the real robber?


What I thought:

So, I’ll admit, I’m not usually a fan of the Western genre. I don’t know why. But, I had been following Rosey’s blog for a decent while and she’d been super nice, so that I felt bad that I hadn’t read any of her books. So I put this on my Christmas list, and lo and behold, I got it!!

So at first I noticed a few punctuation mistakes (usually in books what I look for is the writing errors), but that quickly subsided within a couple chapters.

And then you start getting into the mystery. 🙂 Ooh. I will say, I love mysteries.

Then Rosey started to mix in Native Americans (who I’ve always been fascinated with), and I loved it! Though I found some of the NA kind of unrealistic.

And I did kinda figure out the mystery, but I still enjoyed this a lot! Though I will say I felt it was pretty short, and wish that it could’ve been longer. 😦


The plot was pretty good! It was pretty fast paced and kept me telling my siblings to hush it while I tried to read. 😉

While the writing wasn’t the best in the beginning, I felt it had improved by the end (or maybe I was just getting use to it *shrugs*).


I liked Dustin and Jeremiah and Kitchi. I usually like the friends that aren’t in it a whole bunch. 😀

I also liked Robin. She was a pretty good character and from now on I’ll say dumb bunnies whenever I get the chance. 😛 (Yeah … I’m still chuckling about that one.)

And while I did like the NAs, I found some of them unrealistic.


As mentioned, in the beginning there was some punctuation problems. And throughout the book there was a little bit of writing errors. Also there were times when I didn’t understand who was speaking.

I found the NAs unrealistic (as said above), but don’t get me wrong, I still liked them! It’s just that they all had perfect English (even for being nearby a town). And most of them were quick to welcome Robin in. So I found Chunta the most realistic of them.

I also found that the end came a little quickly. I would’ve liked for the book to’ve been at least a tad bit longer. *shrugs* But that may just be my opinion.


So in summary, I liked this book (and that’s saying something, cause as said, I’m not a Western person). I’d definitely recommend this to those who like Western mysteries (and even those who don’t). And I think that it’s fine for all ages. There’s nothing bad in it (well … there is something bad at the end, obviously, but it’s not described).

Three ∗∗∗

So, what’d ya think? What’s your favorite genre? Anyone like Western/Mystery? Would you like to read this book??? Tell me below! XD

6 thoughts on “Am I a Witness?? Apparently Not…

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  1. Ooh, I DO actually like westerns!! I haven’t read many?! But I was addicted to ones when I was a small fry and last year I read Walk on Earth a Stranger and was MONSTROUSLY IN LOVE WITH IT. ❤ Sadness about the punctuation errors in this one though…that always jerks me out of a story and makes me go into "editing" mode. *sighs* XD Loved the review, though!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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  2. Glad you enjoyed it! 😀 Thanks for honestly reviewing, too. I’ve read through it a couple of times since writing it and winced a few times. The Bearpaws were not all that well researched. 😛
    Funny about the writing improving after the beginning. There was actually a big time gap between when I wrote about the first 3 or 4 chapters and the rest of the book. It’s interesting that that’s noticeable. 😛

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