They’re back!!

Hello! I hope 2015 was a great one for you all!! So I had already done a review for this book on my other blog, so if you follow that blog, this is gonna be a repeat. But no harm!!

So today is Deny (bk 2 in The Blades of Acktar) by Tricia Mingerink (one of my favorite authors 😉 ).

(Also, you can find my review for the first book here.)

Tricia Mingerink - Deny

All lies have consequences.

Promoted to the top rank among King Respen’s assassins, First Blade Leith Torren hides his involvement with the Resistance. How many lies will it take to protect his secret?

Renna Faythe has done nothing but survive for the past four years, but now Leith’s courage inspires her to try to be something more. If only she could figure out what that duty might be.

When the unthinkable happens, faith waivers. Friendships tear. What else will they be forced to deny?

But this time, Leith faces his greatest fear.

He can’t save everyone.


What I thought:

Oh. My. Gravy.

This book was even better then the first! And the first was seriously good!!

Tricia is such a talented author! She had amazing ideas, put them down on paper (or computer??), and writes them out beautifully for all of us to enjoy and fangirl over!

In other words, amazingness!! Like, read this right now! Well, of course after Dare. 😉


Ooh! There are so many great characters!!

true-courage-leithLeith. Such a great character to fangirl over. 🙂 And what he has to go  through in Deny! Oh! Hard stuff! But it just makes him more fangirl worthy. XD

And then there’s Renna. She’s such an amazing character! Tricia did a wonderful job with her! And oh!! Chapter 42!!! It was so heart-wrenching, I think I started to cry!!

But Brandi, she’s always so blunt, and straight forwards. She walking entertainment.

Shad. He gives me a million heart attacks by some of the things that he does.

Martyn? I just really like him. 🙂

There’s so many other characters I love, but I don’t want to make this post super long. 🙂


better-to-truly-live-shadrach-alistair.jpg Oh! So good!! And yet, terrible (meaning, it made me cry!!!!!)! But why, Respen? Why chapter 42???

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, I love Tricia’s writing! It just flows really well and I love to read it!! 😀



There weren’t any problems for me! This book was completely awesome!!


This did have a bit more violence, and it described it more then in the first book. At parts it made my stomach a little queasy, but it just helped me with falling even more in love with the characters. 🙂full-landscape-leith-torren.jpg

But if you have a weak stomach, just be warned.

I want to read this to Trevor (my ten year old brother). Though when I do, I might not read all the detailed in some of the deaths and such.

Overall, I LOVED this book! I highly recommend this!!!!

But, beware the ending! It’s utterly heart-wrenching!!

It was amazing Tricia!! Please, please, please get the next two books published soon!! 🙂

Four Stars ∗∗∗∗∗

So, what’d you all think? Have you read this book/series?? Would you like to? Tell me below!! Have a lovely day!! 😀

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