The Angels Dance

Hello! Sorry I was late again… But yesterday I had school, then the zoo, and I didn’t have a pre-made post. Anyways, today is a book called I Know Why the Angels Dance by Bryan Davis. It’s about what to do when grieving, and it’s really cool. I hope you enjoy the review!! 🙂


Bryan Davis - I Know why the Angels Dance   John Hanson knows how to face the death of an aged Christian; celebrate it. After all, isn’t it selfish to grieve when the departed goes to a better place? Being in charge of the funeral for his grandmother, Nanna, John arranges for a happy atmosphere, but not everyone understands. Tabitha, his twelve-year-old daughter, who is attending her first funeral, perceives the conflict in a very personal way. During the days before Nanna’s death, Tabitha had been comforted by dreams of the lady’s glorious entrance into Heaven, but she truly misses Nanna’s presence and wonders if her inner yearnings are wrong.
Tabitha has also had dreams about her best friend, Rose Grayson, haunting dreams that showed her friend as lost and in terror in the afterworld. No, Rose is not a Christian. In fact, her father, Phil, is an atheist, a bold atheist. Phil and Rose attend Nanna’s funeral, and when Tabitha claims to see a vision of her departed great grandmother, Phil suggests to John that Tabitha should undergo therapeutic counseling. John decides on another path, but the conflict raises doubts about his daughter’s mental and spiritual stability.

~From Goodreads

What I thought:

Well, it’s a Bryan Davis book, so yeah.

But anywho, I really liked this book. It’s definitely a religious one, how to handle grief and such. And there were some things that I didn’t agree with, but overall I thought it was great!

And peoples, I have a hypothesis. Name your kid Rose = something bad happens. It’s just the truth, guys. But if you love the name Rose (and Doctor Who…), then go for it! But, you have been warned!!


I’m sure you all know this by now, but I love Bryan Davis’s writing style. It’s one of my favorites. It just flows well and keeps you sucked in.

The plot was a great one! What can go wrong with dying kids?? *looks pointedly at sister* There were a few parts where it felt a little slow, but only for a few pages.


Out of all the characters, I think that Rose and Sarah were my favorites. I don’t know why, but they just were.

All of the characters were great and had a very realistic feel.


Like I said, there were some things that I didn’t agree with. Mr. Davis is from a different denomination, so that kinda explains that.

And I felt that Tabitha didn’t actually act her age. I mean, she’s only a year younger then me. But I guess it fits her personality.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a story, and as a religious book. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone, whether they’re going through loss or not!!

Four Stars ∗∗∗∗

Talking time!! So how about you guys? Have you read this before? Who’s your favorite author (is it Bryan Davis??)? Tell me in the comments!!

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