Into the Circles

Sorry for the delayed post! I kinda forgot that yesterday was Tuesday, and I didn’t have my review done…

Anyways, today I’m doing The Circles of Seven (bk 3 in the Dragons in Our Midst series) by, of  course, Bryan Davis. 🙂


   In Circles of Seven, using their dragon traits and the wisdom they gained through their earlier adventures, Billy and Bonnie explore a multi-dimensional domain of evil. In this realm, they navigate seven perilous worlds, each one manifested in a circular plane of existence that leads them deeper into the domain of a powerful enemy.

The seventh circle holds a group of prisoners, captives of the evil mistress of the circles, and Billy has to find a way to set them free and give them new life. When tragedy strikes along the way, Billy has to face the most difficult decision of his life, whether to forsake Bonnie to rescue the prisoners or to find a way to save her, his best friend in the world.

Filled with action, danger, and suspense, Circles of Seven is sure to keep readers in their seats, following Billy and Bonnie to the exciting conclusion.

~From Bryan Davis’s website

What I thought of it:

This is probably my favorite book in the Dragons in Our Midst (DioM) series. Like, I love this. Oh, how to put it into words? Oh yeah, go and read this!! Well, after the first two books, of course. 😛

This one’s main theme is about contentment, which is cool to hear how Bryan Davis came up with the theme. 🙂

Anyways, so contentment. It’s a great theme, and I love to read it when I’m feeling bad about myself. It’s kinda cool to see the characters struggle (if that makes sense??) with things that we have to deal with everyday. That hero and heroine semi-dragons have problems too.

But, so yeah. This was a great book with an awesome message. 😉

And at one point I think I nearly cried. Shiloh!! ❤


Kinda already mentioned above, but the theme was contentment, which was amazing. ❤

And just the whole circles thing was awesome! 😀


I loved all the characters from previous books; Billy, Bonnie, Walter, Ashley, Larry. But I also loved new characters, meaning Shiloh. 🙂


None that I can think of!! 🙂


This is a great book, and I’d recommend it to all! It’s fine for kids as young as ten (or even younger, depending), and it has no limit to how old!!

There’s nothing bad in this. Not romance, or violence. Maybe one part with Billy and a dragon would be a bit scary for younger peoples, but not too bad.

Five Stars ∗∗∗∗∗

P.S. Why all the reviews I’ve done recently are mostly five stars, is because I’ve been reviewing some of my favorite books. But I’ll be doing some various books soon!! 🙂

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