Into the Candlestone

Today is The Candlestone by (you guessed it!) Bryan Davis! This is the second book in the Dragon’s in Our Midst. You can find my review on the first book here.

  The Candlestone is a contemporary fantasy novel, the second in a series of books for pre-teens and young adults. This seies inspires young people to pursue faith, courage, and love and to dig deep within to find their God-given strengths, no matter how difficult the circumstances. The first book, Raising Dragons, plunged two teenagers, Billy Bannister and Bonnie Silver, into mind-boggling mysteries, life or death pursuits, and deadly sword-to-sword battles.

In The Candlestone, a mysterious book leads Billy into mortal combat with a powerful dragon slayer. Seperated from his friends and finding his dragon traits useless against his enemy, he has to rely on new weapons, a sword and shield he cannot even see.

A scientist lures Bonnie to his laboratory with amazing news – her mother is still alive! He sends her to retrieve her mother from the candlestone, that strange, paralyzing gem that absorbs light and with it, the strength of dragons and their offspring.

The candlestone is also a prison that captures people who have been transformed into light energy by Excalibur, King Arthur’s great sword. When Bonnie enters the stone, she learns that many disembodied souls have fallen prey to the gem’s powers, but no one has ever escaped. Her only hope is for Billy to overcome the dragon slayer and find a way into the candlestone, and, more importantly, a way out.

Billy and Bonnie face their greatest fears as they battle powerful enemies, ancient fiends from times long past, and the horrors of the blackest of prisons, captivity within the walls of unearthly darkness – the crystalline tomb of the candlestone.

The Candlestone is the second book in the contemporary fatasy series, Dragons in Our Midst. It is a hair-raising, modern-day adventure and a glimpse into another word – a world of knights, dragons, and fair maidens.

~From the back of the book

What I thought:

The description was a little lengthy, wasn’t it? But doesn’t it sound good? You can’t tell me that after reading that, that you don’t want to read The Candlestone.

Also, don’t you love the cover? It’s quite captivating, isn’t it? And how many of you noticed the face in one of the other domes??

Anyways, as all the other books in the series, I loved The Candlestone. It was great. One of the main themes was faith, but I didn’t find it preachy in the slightest, which I love.

And while this wasn’t my favorite in the series (though it was completely awesome!), it was great. The writing, the themes, the characters. *smiles*


Bonnie. Is. Awesome. Just have to say it. Unrealistic; a little. Inspiring; oh yeah. She is just amazing. I mean to go through what she has, and walk out saying God is awesome and always with me. That is just truly inspiring.

Walter and Billy are just amazing as well. Walter’s sense of humor is hilarious, and Billy represents us in a way. Trials come Billy’s way, and a lot of times he doesn’t make the right decision. But he repents or someone saves him, the same as many things in our lives.

And Dr. Connors? I really like him. I’m not sure what, be it’s just something about him.

And Devin is as annoying as ever. Like, really annoying. 🙂


How Mr. Davis fit everything together made it really seamless! It was amazing!

As mentioned above, faith was a big part of the plot, but it wasn’t overbearing or preachy. Which is just the way I like it. 😉

This. Was. Amazing.


Well, I didn’t have any major problems with this book (FYI, I didn’t find many problems in this series). There were a few things that I would’ve changed personally, but not much!

One of the main things though, is that Bonnie is very unrealistic. I mean, it is possible for someone to be like that, but not very likely in the slightest.


As in the description, this book is fine for pre-teens (though teen/YA might enjoy it more). It is amazing. Trevor read this, so there’s nothing bad.

I’d highly, highly recommend this book series to all you people out there!

Five Stars ∗∗∗∗∗

Find Bryan Davis’s blog/website here. (seriously, check it out, especially if you love to write)

Have any of you read the book or anything by Bryan Davis? What did you think? Would you like to read this book series?? Tell me in the comments!

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